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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Angieh Ashu Tanjong Gavin – Community Road Maintenance Project


Community Road Maintenance Project is an initiative created by infrastructure development officer, Angieh-Ashu Tanjong Gavin, to form and empower road management committees among roadside communities around the Takamanda National park in Akwaya South West Region of Cameroon. Ever since the construction of earth roads in the project area in 2008, [...]

Samwel Nyapola Nyongesa – Improved stoves for renewable Energy and Good Health


Improved stoves for renewable energy project managed by Charles Juma involves the making of improved cook stoves and campaigns for reduced use of wood fuel and less labor requirement among women. The demand for wood fuel in Kakamega county is increasing as forests are being deforested in search of fire [...]

Douglas Akulwa Nyongesa – Biodiversity Alive


Biodiversity Alive is a project started and managed by Douglas Nyongesa that supports green economy and protects the biodiversity in the Bunyala Forest of Navakholo, Kakamega County, Kenya. This forest is home to many wild animals, birds, reptiles, indigenous plants and micro-organisms. The project strives to sensitize communities adjacent to [...]

Tara Rouse and Shelly Holland – L. C. Hatcher Elementary Outdoor Science Lab


The learning that takes place in the natural and built environment can be truly inspirational. Teachers can harness this to bring curriculum-based learning to life. Despite modern technology, sophisticated classroom practice and complicated lifestyles, there is no substitute for a child smelling, listening to and touching the natural world, and [...]



Working in the complex hydrological ecosystem of Bangalore, India, STRAINS seeks to demonstrate the potential impact of simple in-stream urban wastewater remediation strategies that can be implemented inexpensively from the bottom-up. The project will build a pilot intervention to show proof of concept! The STRAINS project is a interdisciplinary partnership [...]

Academic and Career Development Initiative Cameroon (ACADI) – Textile Transformation Project (TTP)


The Textile Transformation Project (TPP) is an initiative through which Emmanuel Tangumonkem, founder and executive president of Academic and Career Development Initiative Cameroon (ACADI) addresses the problem of environmental degradation caused by dumping of textile waste from fashion designing workshops in Bamenda, Cameroon. The project is establishing an innovative value-chain [...]

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