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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Nanum Corean Cultural Center – Green Grin


Nanum Corean Cultural Center (NCCC) is a non-profit organization serving multi-generational, multi-faith, and multi-ethnic Korean communities rooted in historic cultural and civic justice movements based in Los Angeles and Korea. This project will support high school students participating in NCCC’s “Green Grin” program. This project provides interactive farming education, and [...]

Kirsten Chavis – GO GREEN 365 Environmental Training Program


The 'GO GREEN' Youth Earth club aims to teach youth at their school and community to “GO GREEN” through environmental education. Through this project two local Los Angeles Elementary Schools started an annual Spring ‘GO GREEN’ Resource & Recycling Earth Day Event to create awareness and advocate for environmental education.

José Luis López Carlos – Brigade fighting forest fires. Defense of Nixticuil forest


We have restored areas of the Nixticuil Forest, fought more than 200 forest fires caused by those who want to destroy it, and created conservation activities to help maintain the ecological balance, preservation of biodiversity, protection of aquifers and capture of carbon dioxide with no support from the government.

A. Bernal and the Arhuacos saving nature – Natural conservancy and restoration in an Indigenous Reserve


The “Natural conservancy and restoration in an Indigenous Reserve project” aims to protect and restore the dramatically damaged natural habitat in the Arhuaco Indigenous reservation, in Colombia. This project will include the enthusiastic participation of the local schools, children, teachers, women and leaders of several Arhuaco communities.

Odulla Joseph – 2nd – Plant a Tree project


The “Plant a Tree project” aims to create wildlife clubs in primary and secondary schools to raise environmental awareness about the need for agro-forestry and fruit tree seedlings. Seedlings will be given to schools and wildlife club members to plant in compounds and school gardens. The seedlings will include a [...]

Clare Hanrahan & Coordinating Committee – Elder & Sage Community Gardens


“Elder & Sage Community Gardens” is the first Asheville Edibles Community Gardens project. The project transformed a vacant, graveled, heat-radiating city lot into an accessible oasis of nourishing beauty that enhances our urban landscape, increases well-being, promotes mental health, and provides neighbors, workers, tourists and passersby with a welcoming space [...]

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