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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Knowledgefire Open Repair Clinic – Neighborhood Learning Laboratory



If knowledge is power, then teaching is where power is born. The Knowledgefire Neighborhood Learning Laboratory is a hub of learning and learning resources that exist to foster significant connections between community members, build skills relevant to individual lives and provide tools for accomplishing goals; all of which improve the [...]

NegusWorld – NegusWorld Wide Party 2017



NegusWorld Wide Party 2017 is an initiative to launch its ​first​ ​international​ ​youth​ ​contest. They ​are partnering with the Wild Child Village conscious community ("WCV") in the Ecuadorian forest to host a two week cross-cultural exchange for 8 black students from Oakland and Paris.​ ​There,​ ​they​ ​will​ ​meet​ ​local​ ​farmers​ [...]

Mlesh, Terry Triza, Wawush and Julie – Garden Of Hope



“Garden of Hope” is a grassroots, non-profit Community Based Organization in Taita-Taveta County of Kenya, operating under registration number TTA/CD/2/7418. When Kenya was first hit by El-Niño rains, my village suffered heavily from floods, high erosion, spoilage of food crops, displacement of people, and deaths of livestock, wildlife, and devastation [...]

Charles Orgbon – Herramientas para jovens agentes de cambio



In order to protect Colombia’s biodiversity for generations to come, the country’s youth must be equipped with the know-how to create meaningful, local environmental projects. After having founded my non-profit organization, Greening Forward, at the age of 12-years-old and thereafter creating an award-winning blueprint for training young environmental leaders, I [...]

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