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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

SERG Shela Environmental Residents Group – Beach Cleaning, Shela, Lamu Island, Kenya


Our self help group is called SERG which stands for Shela Environmental Residents Group. In response to environmental pollution we work on cleaning a stretch of around 12 kilometres of beach on a daily basis. The biggest challenge is the transport of the collected beach debris (flip flops and other [...]

Rafael Osório Ventimiglia dos Santos – Educating Project: Teachers empowered to confront LGBTophobia


The Educating Project: Teachers Empowered to Confront LGBTophobia is an initiative of the LGBT People's Human Rights activists linked to the LGBT Movement of Pará, Brazil. With the growing violence against LGBTi people in Brazil, this project aims to empower public school teachers to develop strategies to cope with LGBTi [...]

Tehu Kuma Nok-Itomi – Tribz.Bio/ Okobi.Life Black-Turtle Provisions Co-op Project


OKOBI.LIFE Black-Turtle Provisions Cooperative is a Free Operation Organic Distribution & Supply (F.O.O.D.S) initiative of The Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize (TRIBZ.BIO). OKOBI.LIFE recognizes that for ultimate food security, it is important to watch food grow from seed to fruition. Their cooperative model facilitates opportunities for indigenous and marginalized women [...]

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