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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Acaye Paul, Promoter PWDs Sports in Ug – Pride in Me


“Pride in Me project” is an all-inclusive school-based intervention aimed to make schools safer, more ‘disability-friendly’ environment for children with disabilities to learn through engaging various stakeholders, at the school level, as well as in the local community and government through a range of different activities. Through this project, children [...]

Vanessa Bright – Incarceration to Entrepreneurship Initiative


The Incarceration to Entrepreneurship Initiative aims to teach incarcerated women how to start and operate a business. Through this project, women learn how to effectively manage their business and personal finances through organized, participatory, and educational workshops. The goal of the project is to reduce recidivism rates. This project helps [...]

Wildness of Life, Olga Pavlovsky – Kids Love Wildlife Project by Wildness of Life


The Kids Love Wildlife Project is an educational programme for children across the Iberian peninsula (Spain, Portugal and Andorra). The project works closely with local partners to create inspiring stories for sharing with the next generation. Through workshops and the provision of teaching materials online, the project will create awareness [...]

Rose Otieno – Music for Improving Literacy Project


The “Music for Improving Literacy Project” aims to promote literacy through music. This literacy program equips preschool children attending under-resourced village schools. Through this project children will be engaged in music and dance activities, storytelling and drama performances to enhance literacy in Koyango villages in western Kenya.

Mwembe Mwanyonyo & The Village Experience – Jericho Primary School expansion


The “Jericho Primary School expansion project” will provide three new classrooms, latrines, teachers lounge, and desks for the school community near Mpekatoni, Kenya. The previous structures built in 2011 had fallen apart due to the poor construction, and 360 children were squeezed into barely functioning classrooms. Through this expansion project, [...]

Vandy Amos Saati and Mustapha Lolleh – Sierra Kids in Tech


Sierra Kids In Tech project aims empower young girls to implement their own creative solutions to pressing problems in their communities through innovations and technology. Through this project, young girls will use their strengths and abilities in community based services to become self reliant through societal challenges. The project’s vision [...]

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