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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Aikande Robert Nkya – Msichana Amka Timiza Ndoto Zako (Rise Up Girl and Make Up Your Dreams)



Many girls do not have safe and sustainable methods of menstrual management due to lack of money and stigmatization, which often resorts to using unsafe and alternative methods. Rise Up Girl and Wake Up Your Dreams, initiated by Ms. Aikande Robert Nkya, aims at providing trainings and education about menstruation [...]

Karen McCarthy – YES Youth Work Team Program



YES, Youth Empowerment Services, was started by Kauz and Karen McCarthy as a program to assist youth in developing the skills needed to be successful in life after graduation. YES, located in Anaconda, Montana, addresses life skills, social skills and work skills in creative and fun formats. The YES Youth [...]

Joet Ntale – Skills For All Computer Centre



Skills for All Computer Centre is a project initiated by Ntale Joet a blind musician and instrumentalist who is self-trained in computer application and jos software for blind computer users. He was born in Mayuge District, Kaluba Village, where he use his music to sensitize the public about equal rights, love and [...]

Joseph Ithagu, Fortune 40 Project

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After a great struggle to raise funds for his own college education, Joseph Ithagu started the Fortune 40 Project, a crowdfunding system that aims to raise college funds for 40 poor, vulnerable and marginalized youths in Kilifi County, Kenya each year. In partnership with Guru Institute Kenya, the project is [...]

Davidson County Transitional Services, SEC2ND Chance Outreach



Sec2ND Chance is a Community Outreach Re-Entry & Recidivism Program developed under the leadership of Dr M Fay Ashworth, an ex-offender many years ago. Influenced by the growing social needs of the community, the Chief Executive Director responded by developing the Sec2ND Chance Community Outreach, which provides evidence-based programs to [...]

Shanelle Gordon, United Mentoring



Shanelle Gordon, a Brown University graduate, founded United Mentoring in Miami, Florida to help students of color and first-generation college applicants in the college admissions process. She started the program at her high school alma mater to fill a need in a community that she belongs to, as these populations [...]

Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools, Inc., Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools



The Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools (ERAFANS) exists to support nature-based early childhood professionals. Though the association primarily serves nature preschools and forest kindergarten practitioners, it also works with any and all early childhood educators who want to help young children connect with nature. Members also include [...]

Melinah Lingondo, The Soft Feet Education Center

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Melinah Ling'ondo manages The Soft feet Education Center, a school for 20 orphans and other vulnerable children of pre-school age. The project aims to educate kindergarten children in and around the Marachi and Sofia slums of Busia, Kenya. The goals of the Soft feet Center are centered on addressing the [...]

Aspilos Charity & Development Foundation, AboCoders



Tech needs girls and girls need tech and girls in underserved locations definitely need tech! This is why AboCoders exists. We work with young women in underserved locations in Nigeria especially the northern part of Nigeria, training the on digital literacy and programming. The skills these young women learn can [...]

Chiara Eisner and Julia Shivers, OncArt, Inc.



Chiara Eisner and Julia Shivers co-founded the international nonprofit OncArt, Inc. in Boston, MA, to create illustrated health education materials by connecting clinicians directly with artists. These materials are designed especially for people in low-resource regions where advanced rates of disease are high, literacy levels are low, and clinicians may [...]

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