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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Seidu Abdul-Mubarick, Alhassan Abdul-Latif, Yakubu Mohammed Sanusi – Bicycles For School Children



The "Bicycles for School Children Project" assists deprived students in the remote village of Zoonayili in the Savelgu/Nanton Municipality of the Northern Region of Ghana to have access to quality education. The project provides bicycles for school children in Zoonayili to improve their school attendance. This particular village has only [...]

Daniel Jude Nkue Nouwezem – Save The Slums Of Bafoussam Town From Trashes



Save the Slums of Bafoussam Town from Trashes is a project of the nonprofit association Youth Education on Environment (Yedu-Environ) in Cameroon. Through this project, Nkue N. Daniel (Chairman and Coordinator of Yedu-Environ) and his colleague work toward the attainment of the SDGs at the local level of Bafoussam. This [...]

Knowledgefire Open Repair Clinic – Neighborhood Learning Laboratory



If knowledge is power, then teaching is where power is born. The Knowledgefire Neighborhood Learning Laboratory is a hub of learning and learning resources that exist to foster significant connections between community members, build skills relevant to individual lives and provide tools for accomplishing goals; all of which improve the [...]

EMCLOW (Empowerment And Cultivation of Women) Project – EMCLOW (Empowerment And Cultivation of Women) Project



According to a mini-survey conducted in 2008 on class enrollments of girls and pregnancy-related drop-out rates for the year, 10,000 girls in Kenya dropped out of school because of pregnancy, with the Coastal region of Kenya having one of the highest regional drop-out rates for primary and secondary levels. In [...]

Solange – Her Voice Matters



Reading at a young age has fundamental advantages for children, including critical brain and emotional development, increased self-confidence and self-awareness, and broadened perspective and tolerance. Books also prove to be a useful tool for empowering adolescent girls, particularly those from underprivileged families without female role models at home. Unfortunately, Rwandan [...]

Seyi Olojo – Barnard Columbia First Generation Writers Project



The Barnard-Columbia First Gen Writers Project is a year long program where first generation college students, some of whom are first generation Americans, explore the various narratives of their identities through literary creativity. This yearlong program which was created by Oluwaseyi Olojo, will feature an anthology that will depict the [...]

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