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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Charles Nana Kwarteng and Samuel Adewole – Volta Irrigation – Community shared irrigation system


VOLTA IRRIGATION is an Agriculture project dedicated to increasing the productivity of smallholder farmers. Volta Irrigation is committed to creating a community-based irrigation system scheme to help smallholder farmers easily irrigate their farmlands in Rwanda. The team has built an irrigation system that is low-cost, community shared, and designed explicitly [...]

Dina Andrew Kikuli, Hance Njobelo and Tanyada Maluwa – HD Agribusiness-Women In Agribusiness Empowerment


Dina Andrew Kikuli is the founder and Hance Njobelo and Tanyada Maluwa are her partners of Women in Agribusiness Empowerment, a project located in Mbeya, Tanzania that aims to empower women who are in agribusiness through capacity building. Their capacities will be built and strengthened through training, mentoring, and coaching. [...]

Joan Mwende,Women’s Development Champion


Lulu Thamani’s women’s entrepreneurship program aims to equip women from under-served communities in East Africa with life and business literacy skills to propel their businesses to profitability. In addition to this, they provide education and linkage to micro financing and loan providers, ensuring the beneficiaries make informed decisions about their [...]

Mbakwa Johnas, Vanessa Namondo, Oscar N. – Economic empowerment/Livelihood improvement 4 women in Ndop


Mbawwa Johnas and his team of six volunteers founded the project, "Economic Empowerment and Livelihood Improvement for Women and Teenage Mothers through Market Gardening in Bambalang Village.” They seek to improve the living conditions of vulnerable poor women of Bambalang village in the northwest region of Cameroon. They were inspired [...]

Teach By Tech – Financial Literacy for Refugees in Colorado


Linnie and Andrew Pawlek founded Teach By Tech, a non-profit organization focused on making quality education accessible to vulnerable populations. Their initiative, Financial Literacy for Refugees in Colorado, uses the hybrid model of education (50% in class instruction; 50% video module instruction) to instruct and promote financial literacy for refugees [...]

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