Carly Wilson – Rubber Jellyfish – The Movie


Rubber Jellyfish is an independent documentary film that explores the surprising transformation of helium balloons - into bizarre, jellyfish shapes when allowed to rise into the atmosphere. This project reveals the unfortunate consequences when these balloons are mistaken for prey by hungry sea turtles, sea birds, and other species.

Tina Tieu – Keep in Mind


“Keep in Mind” is a documentary that chronicles the lives of 5 mentally ill teens of color. The film challenges social stigma towards mental illness while also encompassing the complexity of being at an intersection of multiple minorities.

Humble Mumbles


Humble Mumbles is an American podcast about Palestine, power, mythology, and narratives-within-narratives. Its name is an uncertain joke about the possibilities of humility, and the function of joking about it. While Humble Mumbles addresses a variety of topics, [...]

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