Murthy Kantimahanti – Community-based snake conservation in the Eastern Ghats


This project serves as a model not only to address snakebite issues, but also to engage local communities in the conservation of threatened snake species by building their capacity, dispelling the myths, garnering respect, compassion and appreciation towards all living creatures by establishing a harmonious relationship between humans and snakes to coexist.

Karen Fiorito and Alex Arinsberg – Got Drought?


‘Got Drought?’ is a billboard and social media campaign that raises awareness about how animal agriculture wastes water, pollutes the environment and contributes to climate change. This project utilizes visual graphics, social media, and interactive website and billboards to educate people about the effects of animal agriculture on our environment.

Carly Wilson – Rubber Jellyfish – The Movie


Rubber Jellyfish is an independent documentary film that explores the surprising transformation of helium balloons - into bizarre, jellyfish shapes when allowed to rise into the atmosphere. This project reveals the unfortunate consequences when these balloons are mistaken for prey by hungry sea turtles, sea birds, and other species.

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