Alexandria King (Executive Director & Co-Founder) and Danielle Klemm (Curriculum Developer) – Self-Love Series workshop


First Love Yourself's workshop, Self-Love Series, is a 12-week program that aims to increase levels of self-love among marginalized youth from the Sacramento community. Marginalized youth face many uphill battles, and working to increase levels of self-love will help youth develop a more positive personal narrative as well as increase [...]

Northbrook Middle School Peace Poles – Northbrook Middle School Peace Poles


Art teachers Elizabeth Rodriguez and Veronica Rendon-Majmudar are bringing light, hope, and connections to their school and community. After noticing that there is a need to build more collaboration and communication among their students at their middle school, they decided to begin a project to help students understand each other’s [...]

Daniel Jude Nkue Nouwezem – Save The Slums Of Bafoussam Town From Trashes


Save the Slums of Bafoussam Town from Trashes is a project of the nonprofit association Youth Education on Environment (Yedu-Environ) in Cameroon. Through this project, Nkue N. Daniel (Chairman and Coordinator of Yedu-Environ) and his colleague work toward the attainment of the SDGs at the local level of Bafoussam. This [...]

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