Grant Projects Tagged With Community Health & Wellness

Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

DC Peace Team Partners – Grounding & Sustaining the DC Peace Team


The “DC Peace Team (DCPT)” aims to provide training, accompaniment, and conflict monitoring. This project builds a culture of nonviolent peacemaking in the nation's capitol and beyond. DCPT was formed because of the inspiration from Nonviolent Peace Force, Peace Brigades International, Cure Violence, and other organizations that train civilians to [...]

Jasmine Fuego & Abrah Dresdale – Regenerative Design For Change Makers


The Regenerative Design for Change Makers (RDCM) training in Oakland, California, facilitated by social permaculture teachers and performance artists uses the regenerative design process, mindfulness techniques, and artistic ritual to support the development of change making projects within a 'Social Design Lab.' Through this project, a curated group of participants, [...]

Okoa Maisha Ya Watoto (OMAWA) – Clean water for school children in Rural Tanzania


The “Clean water for school children in Rural Tanzania” project aims to supply safe and clean water for cooking, drinking and hand washing for primary school children in Moshi rural district. The availability of clean water will help reduce water related disease and improve retention rate and academic performance at [...]

Vivian Williams-Kurutz – Harlem Wellness Center


The mission of Harlem Wellness Center is to educate, motivate and support life-long healthy living practices in Harlem. Through social engagement, meaningful work, physical activity and economic reinforcement, Harlem Wellness Center supports older adults in combating cognitive decline, loneliness, depression, negative response to life-stressors and physical decline.

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