Boresha Mazingira Mtaa Yako – Boresha Mazingira Koch: Transforming Public Spaces


Boresha Mazingira Koch: Transforming Public Spaces is a community project initiated by Ezra Otieno, a longtime community radio broadcaster and environmentalist in Korogocho, Nairobi. The project is meant to transform and reclaim the public spaces that have since been turned into dumping sites in the community of Korogocho and the [...]

Heather Goretski N.P.S Girl Scouts – Valhalla Elementary Native Plant Garden


Engaging children in creating habitats for wildlife in their own backyard or at their school has many benefits. Exposure to the outdoors has a direct correlation with emotional and physical health, and academic success as well as predicts future environmental awareness and activism. Low-income children often have limited access to [...]

Charles Nana Kwarteng and Samuel Adewole – Volta Irrigation – Community shared irrigation system


VOLTA IRRIGATION is an Agriculture project dedicated to increasing the productivity of smallholder farmers. Volta Irrigation is committed to creating a community-based irrigation system scheme to help smallholder farmers easily irrigate their farmlands in Rwanda. The team has built an irrigation system that is low-cost, community shared, and designed explicitly [...]

Dina Andrew Kikuli, Hance Njobelo and Tanyada Maluwa – HD Agribusiness-Women In Agribusiness Empowerment


Dina Andrew Kikuli is the founder and Hance Njobelo and Tanyada Maluwa are her partners of Women in Agribusiness Empowerment, a project located in Mbeya, Tanzania that aims to empower women who are in agribusiness through capacity building. Their capacities will be built and strengthened through training, mentoring, and coaching. [...]

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