Arcecio Morocho. Project Coordinator – Network of Amazonian Fruit Gardens for conservation and food


05/04/2018 – Arcecio Morocho Erràez, is an environmentalist and Founder of the Center for the Development of Sustainable Agriculture "Kantzam." He is convinced that we need to conserve tropical forests. With the support of the Pollination Project, he is implementing a new venture called, “Network of Amazonian Fruit Gardens for [...]

Keshy Jeong, Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective – Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective


The Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective (LAWFC) is a small business that produces worm castings and worm tea out of local community waste for use as nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner for organizations and lay gardeners. LAWFC is cooperatively owned and collectively governed, aiming to contribute to the movement [...]



In Ghana, the use of synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides are on the increase. This is harmful to humans, soils, animals, the environment, and the climate. Olawumi and David founded GROW West Africa (NGO) in Ghana to teach and train farmers to engage in organic farming practices like Biointensive, Agro-ecology, [...]

Ayama Godlove Yuh – Restoring hope and creating sustainable livelihood opportunity


The project "Restoring Hope and Creating Sustainable Livelihood Opportunity" located in the northwest region of Cameroon. The project aims at improving the deplorable living conditions of prisoners by creating sustainable livelihood opportunities through training and support in socio-economic empowerment initiatives. The project ensures self-skills empowerment and fights against hunger, poverty, [...]

Luganda Lydia, Nabasumba Harriet a membe – Compound Urban Gardening Project


Compound Urban Gardening Project aims to address the food and nutrition security issues in the Mukono district. This project involves mobilization and sensitization of women in homes on health, social and economic benefits of growing and eating vegetables. Through this project, women learn how to utilize the little space in [...]

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