Gertrude Kizza, Muteesi Clementine – Kito Tukulakulane Women’s Mushroom Project


Kito Tukulakulane Women's Mushroom Project is comprised of 13 low-income women engaged in a Mushroom-farming business. Funds help the women set up independent mushroom gardens to support their families and all generated profits are distributed equally among the women. The group initially started as a savings group under the leadership [...]

Kadhama Elvis and Mugerwa Tadeo – Smart Farming Organics


Smart farming Organics is an ecological, organic, income-generating system of growing vegetables which provides a platform for training grassroots-based rural farmers in Mayuge, Uganda. Innovated by Kadhama Elvis, smart farming involves using recycled and affordable materials to create and expand space for vegetable growing in the home and also commercially [...]

Jenifa Ogutu Oduory – Pawpaw commercialization for profit and improved livelihood


Jenifa Ogutu Oduory is the founder of the project, Pawpaw Commercialization for Profit and Improved Livelihood, located in Kenya. It is a project aimed at improving the socio-economic conditions of the communities living around the region in hopes of taming the prevailing poverty and unemployment. The project is managed by [...]

Boresha Mazingira Mtaa Yako – Boresha Mazingira Koch: Transforming Public Spaces


Boresha Mazingira Koch: Transforming Public Spaces is a community project initiated by Ezra Otieno, a longtime community radio broadcaster and environmentalist in Korogocho, Nairobi. The project is meant to transform and reclaim the public spaces that have since been turned into dumping sites in the community of Korogocho and the [...]

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