Collins Okoth Wereh – Agroforestry for Sustainable Land Use and Economic Empowerment.


This project targets smallholder farmers through community groups, allowing them to plant mostly native trees and various commercial viable crops such as groundnuts, beans, maize and upland rice that are subsequently sold through local grocery markets. While facilitating access to markets for its members, the enterprise also contributes to forest [...]

LIHO Youth Organization – Fruit Tree Seedling Project


Fruit Tree Seedling Project, located in Buwenge Jinja-Uganda, is an income generating initiative that will enable Live with Hope (LIHO) Organization be able to sustain the activities of their Juvenile Justice Advocate program. Started by Richardnewton Musomerwa and Aketch Mariam, the program helps children age 12-17 years who have committed [...]

Thomas Ngwira – Doroba Community Kitchen Gardening For Improve Nutrition Project


Thomas Ngwira is the founder and executive director of Action for Sustainable Development (ASUD), a local Malawian nongovernmental organization that aims to protect the environment in rural communities, improve food security and nutrition, enable vulnerable households to become economically self-sustaining and reduce the impact and spread of HIV/AIDS. The Doroba [...]

West York Borough Community Garden, Mayor Shawn Mauck, Network York Project – West York Borough Community Garden


The West York Borough Community Garden in York, Pennsylvania was founded by Lisa Zortman Gross in 2017 as a way to provide garden space to the urban population, transforming a large former park in the Borough into a useful and productive area of the community. The project will provide secure [...]

Nyachwo Alibecca, Athieno Alice and Akello Teddy – Vegetable Growing using Drip Irrigation forPositive Mothers


Vegetable Growing Using Drip Irrigation for Positive Mothers is a community based project designed by women living with HIV, residing within 9 villages of Kisoko sub-county. The project is intended to create a sustainable income generation as well as improved nutrition for 30 women and families who are living with [...]

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