Project Lead: Leticia Lopez; Team Members: Benny Corona and Dalia Gonzalez – Giant Sequoia Youth Project


California's Central Valley has been historically underrepresented, even though it has been the Breadbasket of the World for years. Many children work, alongside their families, in the agricultural fields on days off from school, not having the luxury to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Many families are low income, [...]

Nanum Corean Cultural Center – Green Grin


Nanum Corean Cultural Center (NCCC) is a non-profit organization serving multi-generational, multi-faith, and multi-ethnic Korean communities rooted in historic cultural and civic justice movements based in Los Angeles and Korea. This project will support high school students participating in NCCC’s “Green Grin” program. This project provides interactive farming education, and [...]

Neidy Lucio Contreras – Casa Colibri’s rainwater harvesting project


The Casa Colibrí's rainwater harvesting project consists of the design and installation of a rainwater harvesting system in order to supply the resource to a community orchard located in Hostotipaquillo, Jalisco, México. The orchard is worked by a group of women and men who are facing challenging situations. Through this [...]

Kindred Spirits Care Farm – From killing to caring – butchery room becomes animal clinic


Kindred Spirits Care Farm is an organization that aims to share the understanding that every sentient being is entitled to respect and empathy, and that violence against one is violence against all. This project connects abused, neglected and abandoned people with rescued farm animals in a sanctuary setting to let them heal each other.

Odulla Joseph – 2nd – Plant a Tree project


The “Plant a Tree project” aims to create wildlife clubs in primary and secondary schools to raise environmental awareness about the need for agro-forestry and fruit tree seedlings. Seedlings will be given to schools and wildlife club members to plant in compounds and school gardens. The seedlings will include a [...]

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