Grant Projects Tagged With Community Building

Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant.

Maya Lin-Bronner, Constructing Queer Bodies And Gender In Art

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In collaboration with Gender Illumination, a queer education and advocacy group, Maya Lin-Bronner presents "Constructing Queer Bodies and Gender in Art," a workshop held in the Bay Area. It's not always the case that non-cis and gender non-conforming people can come to talk candidly about the way they feel about [...]

Brenda Verano, Youth in Action Los Angeles

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The Youth in Action project will take place in Los Angeles and will serve youth from all over L.A (South central, Boyle Heights,& Lincoln Heights). This project started as an idea for the incorporation of solidarity between youth in these hard times, where youth are transforming into warriors and bold individuals. [...]

Sabrina Labossiere, the SLAPcollective Inc.



Striving to impart and reinforce positive mindsets and communities, the SLAPcollective is a melding of groups, individuals, and initiatives that promote self love, affirmation, and preservation through artistic exploration and expressions. From workshops and group discussions to shared work spaces and artistic productions - spanning various mediums and practices - [...]

Beatrice Nyambura Wahu, Twashukuru Eco Friendly School

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Twashukuru Eco-Friendly School is located in Lamu, Kenya, and currently serves the most vulnerable children in the area. The school was founded by local artist, Omar Islam, who generously donated his personal land to make this project a reality. Students are taught eco-friendly environmental practices, singing, dancing, drumming, and the [...]

Ancha Baumann, Mandala Blessings

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The Mandala Blessings Project is led by Ancha Baumann, an international European Montessori teacher for 38 years who works through This entity empowers children, youth and families using artistic explorations, inner and global awareness while celebrating life's diversity and oneness. Mandala Blessings offers a multi-generational healing for victims of fire, [...]

Rupa Marya, Do No Harm Coalition at Standing Rock

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The UCSF Do No Harm Coalition has been invited to help create a free clinic at the camp of the Standing Rock for Lakota, Dakota, and their supporters who are gathering to protect access to clean water and ancestral lands. With the militarized local state response to the camp, several [...]

Dorcas Apoore, Women’s Basket Weaving

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Dorcas Apoore is the founder of ASIGE (Advocacy for Social Inclusion and Girls Education), a woman-based organization that empowers women in basket weaving through an innovative and multi-faceted designs with the use of straw, waste rubbers, and dye. The baskets are being modernized with the use of plastics (rubbers). Women [...]