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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant.

Liyanna Sadowsky, Daisy Ozim, Lucy O’leary – Earth Freedom Collective


Earth Freedom Collective is a decentralized network of cooperative buildings and urban/rural eco-villages for racial & economic justice, community health, and climate resilience. Their work centers on creating ecologically and spiritually thriving communities through the construction of urban eco-neighborhoods and rural eco-villages. They carry a shared vision for restoring indigenous [...]

Milena Rodriguez – Mayauali


Milena Rodriguez is developing the Mayauali indigenous youth leadership program in a coastal community of Nicaragua, which aims to revitalize identity, autonomy, and cultural expression, and to bring the community of Salinas de Nahualapa together by promoting positive leadership in their youth. The program integrates experiential workshops on communication, research, [...]

North Branch School, Katrien Vance – Dollar Bill Bookmarks


The Dollar Bill Bookmark project came about during a brainstorming session of 5th-8th graders at North Branch School in Afton, Virginia. Creating bookmarks attached to dollar bills and inserting them into library books throughout Central Virginia will encourage and reward readers and library users. The students and their teacher, Katrien [...]

Shiv Poojan, Juhi Kumari, Shahid Hussain – The Shared Birthday Project


The Shared Birthday Project believes in generous joy and kindness for life. The group creates safe and inclusive spaces in India defined by empathy, happiness, and human connections for every poverty-affected child on his/her birthday. With the help of birthday twins from more privileged backgrounds, the group organizes 'shared birthday [...]

Kiima Stephen – Hand Made Craft from Used Plastic Bottles


Hand Made Craft from Used Plastic Bottles was started by Kiima Stephen in Kasese, Uganda. Kiima saw the multitude of plastic bottles which are strewn everywhere, littering the environment in Kasese, Uganda. He was inspired to recycle plastic bottles and make craft products ranging from condolence boxes for funerals, storage [...]

MARÍA SOL Guerrero Giménez – Asociación Argentina de Dramaterapia


Asociación Argentina de Dramaterapia is an interdisciplinary group of professionals training in dramatherapy with a mission to raise awareness and grow dramatherapy in Latin America. In dramatherapy training, it is important to disseminate, validate and promote projects and to make readily available the materials and bibliography necessary to work in [...]

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