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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant.

Colectiva Luciérnagas – Antiespecismo y Feminismos con Liliana Felipe y Jesusa Rguez


Luciernagas’ collective project aims to offer a series of activities for participants to speak about feminism and veganism in Monterrey city. The project will create awareness inside the feminist community, which grows and strengthens every day but, continues to live away of a vegan philosophy of life that goes in [...]

Juma Chuta Mwinyi and Albert Juma – Organize Litter Bins to Reduce Litter Everywhere


The “Organize Litter Bins to Reduce Litter Everywhere Project” aims to reduce litter everywhere by empowering the community to manage litter at their homes and market places. Through this project, communities will learn about the negative effects in an effort to reduce the rate of litter everywhere and managing litter [...]

Alleycat Acres – Village Community Pollinator Garden


“The Village Community Garden project” operates in partnership between Alleycat Acres, Catholic Community Services, and Monica's Village Place. The project transforms the parking strip of both agencies, spanning one city block, into a thriving community farm engaging both building residents and the broader neighborhood. With vegetables, fruit trees, berries, native [...]

Whitney Ceesay, Alhagie Senghore – SHINE Kololi Kids


“SHINE Kololi Kids project” is a fun, comprehensive, hands-on solar food preservation-training program for elementary school students in Kololi, The Gambia. Led by Whitney Ceesay and Alhagie Bun Abbas Senghore, SHINE (Solar Harnessing for Income, Nutrition, and Empowerment) program will introduce agricultural and solar-based solutions and the critical thinking skills [...]

Obore Joseph – Empowering and developing the youth through community based youth services for success


The Action for Development of Local Communities is implementing “Empowering and developing the youth through community based youth services for success” project in Bukedea District. This project aims to provide one on one mentoring, networking and capacity building sessions, and meet-ups to support youth in Eastern Uganda to actively engage [...]

Henry Nyirenda – Free from Cholera: Fishermen’s initiative


The “Free from Cholera: Fishermen's initiative” project addresses issues of sanitation and hygiene of fishermen at Kachulu fishermen’s camp. This project aims to save lives of members of the community from cholera outbreaks. The fishermen camp has approximately 20 fishermen without proper toilets creating high levels of fecal contamination in [...]

VietUnity East Bay – Anti-deportation project: keeping Vietnamese families together


VietUnity East 's anti-deportation project: keeping Vietnamese families together aims to support families and individuals who are facing deportation, in detention center, or have already been deported to Vietnam in the east bay. While going through the deportation process, many individuals and their families need of legal, financial, mental health [...]

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