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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant.

Kimberly Raff – Foster Alumni Mentors – Who We Are Campaign


Foster Alumni Mentors (FAM) project aims to provide a strong support system for Foster Alumni who are doing well to increase opportunities for success and personal growth. This project provides mentoring, networking, advocacy, and workshops to create a community where Foster Alumni are supported, prepared and confident. Through the Who [...]

Nina Magpili-Smith & Polinpapilinho Katina of Intangibles Inc. – The Cultural Tree Healing & Empowerment Workshop


The Cultural Tree Healing and Empowerment Workshop, a group activity-based workshop that aims to develop the ethnic and global identity of the Filipino/Filipino-American youth in North Carolina and Virginia. The generational legacies of colonialism in the Philippines (16th to 20th century) are related to the mental and socioeconomic health of [...]

Christian Cito Cirhigri & Maija Jespersen – 20 inspiring stories of hope for peace around the world.


Everyday, mainstream media agencies and social media outlets flood us with negative stories of conflicts in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, DR Congo etc While these countries face a lot of tragedy to not overlook, the stories of ordinary citizens in these countries, braving all odds to build peaceful [...]

Paul Okot – Christ the King Vegetable Garden


“Christ the King Vegetable Demonstration project” aims to support a sustainable livelihood through planting vegetables for vulnerable elders, orphans, widows and sick that come to the parish seeking assistance. Through this project, those who reach out for assistance will be empowered to volunteer and support the farming and harvest of [...]

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