Equip Destinies: Anastasia Kihwaga – Equip Destinies Ventures


Equip Destinies Ventures is located in the Kayole/Soweto Slums of Nairobi, Kenya. After witnessing the challenges of young people and families due to lack of access to education and financial resources, Equip Destinies Ventures wishes to provide counselling, training, and support young people in attending school. In addition to supporting [...]

SILAS KOECH – Berur Street Care Community Based Organization


Berur Street Care is a community-based organization located in Eldoret Municipality in Kenya. This project empowers very vulnerable mothers and children, providing them with skills and an education sponsorship which keeps them off the streets and helps provide them skills to build a dignified livelihood. This project was started out [...]

Ulfat Kazemi, Ishaq Safi, Zabihullah – SEHAT


Ulfat Kazemi, Ishaq Safi, and Zabihullah are the founders of SEHAT (Supporting Education through Hygiene Assistance and Treatment), a project that repairs two orphan school latrines for 120 orphans throughout Jalalabad, Afghanistan. They provide education on portable water, environmental hygiene, personal hygiene, protected food, household hygiene, and more to reduce [...]

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