Luc Espinosa –


Mouthful flips the status quo by having world leaders sit next to disadvantaged high school students, enjoy an intimate dinner conversation, share stories, and transform lives. These events are unique, game-changing events which lead to both sides learning about possible solutions to relevant issues and inspiring change.

Jada Imani – Tatu Vision


We offer an alternative platforms for emerging artists, healers and visionaries to share their gifts and talents by creating music as well as poetry, workshops, articles, new creative projects. We help facilitate multi-generational and multicultural networking spaces and help young people step into creative leadership roles.

Azelya Yazzie – Feed Our People


Feed Our People addresses the issue of reservations not having access to information about the importance of traditional foods. Feed Our People will address this issue by presenting at local Native American centers and reservations and provide helpful information to why our traditional foods are important.

Social Justice Sewing Academy


SJSA addresses the lack of free sewing and art making opportunities for youth in under-resourced communities. We tackle this by providing free programming to those communities. This work is important to me because I have seen the power of art in sharing opinions, informing communities, and being called to action!

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