Terana Boyd – Well Rounded Resources


Well Rounded Resources, WRR, is a non-profit organization that provides community residents with a professional portfolio for free. A professional portfolio includes a resume, cover letter, reference sheet, and an explanation letter if a person has a felony. [...]

Destination Rehab – Adventure Group


People with disabilities and chronic conditions have many barriers to participating in nature and the community, and this project brings together a group dedicated to changing their own lives and influencing others. This group program provides education, guidance in health and wellness, and real world outings to build confidence, skills and independence.

Thumbs Up Uganda – Eco Friendly Toilet


Samuel Odwar is the founder of Thumbs Up Uganda, a project that works mainly with parents of disabled children, children with disabilities, youth with disabilities, and underprivileged children in Gulu District, Northern Uganda. Samuel and his team envision [...]

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