Peter Achombom Vugar, Chia Vivian Fien – Improving Nutrition, up scaling care for HIV/AID Patients


The “Improving Nutrition and Scaling Care for HIV/AIDS Patients” project support the wellbeing of people who have HIV/AIDS and other related challenges affecting their health in the rural communities of Cameroon. Through this project, persons living with HIV/AIDS will be given training and support to start sustainable organic vegetables/fruit gardening [...]

Joseph Okello Makokha – Sikinga Indigenous Seed Bank Project.


Sikinga Indigenous seed bank project is a response to the ongoing loss of indigenous seeds in rural communities in Kenya. The project builds on sustainable, economic and agro ecological approaches to address the current situation of acute hunger, malnutrition and poverty caused by the effect of mono-cropping and climate change [...]

Mbusa Bahweribugha Eric – Installation of a 5,000 Litre rainwater harvesting tank on Kiburara Church of Uganda building


Malnutrition and anemia have been distinctly observed among children and pregnant mothers in the Kagando parish of Kisinga sub county, Uganda. Mr. Eric Mbusa Bahweribugha, along with the board of MUB - Home Foundation, will install a 5000 liter rainwater harvesting tank at the Kiburara Church of Uganda building. The [...]

Joseph Gogo – Radienya Community Water Project


The Joseph Gogo Radienya Community Water Project will provide clean drinking water for human consumption and drip irrigation for the school and community of Radienya in the drought prone area of Nyatike Sub District, Western Kenya. The project will reduce water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid, which [...]

Peace Mlauli – Construction Of Pit Latrines At Nthabza L.E.A School, Malawi


This construction project intends to support the rural community's health and sanitation by providing pit latrines/urinals for Nthabza Primary School, which has few pit latrines compared to the school population. This poses a great health hazard on the pupils in the school especially to the young women. These facilities will [...]

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