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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Caressa Nguyen, Sacred hands, Native lands



Sacred Lands, Native Hands creates a bridge between the holders of indigenous knowledge and the current landholders to return the wisdom of stewardship to its proper place: the forests, grasslands, and living water bodies of our planet. Sacred Lands, Native Hands connects holders of indigenous knowledge directly to current landholders [...]

Josue Rendon, Youth Outreach for “FriYays”



As UrbanLife Southeast High School students, we been planning monthly events for youth in the neighborhood- a low-income, urban area. We have chosen themes for the next few months to promote awareness among their peers: February was #Blacklivesmatter and #schoolsnotprisons, March was "Inequality and poverty in the 'hood'", April is [...]

André Ryuji Zampronio, Neighbourhood Music



André Ryuji Zampronio, Rafael Ferreira, Carolina Astolfo, Caroline Nascindin and Eduardo Carvalho are a group of passionate Education and Art students who fight for equal access to art. We believe music is a vital tool in helping people become part of their communities and developing as  future leaders and citizens [...]

India Williams, Lyrical Leaders Love Your Body Project


The Love Your Body Poetry Project is an initiative that allows adolescent girls from the Pacesetters of South Jersey and WeCare Youth Peer Leadership Program in Buena, NJ to work with an artist using ekphrastic poetry (art-inspired poetry) as a mechanism for social change. Under the direction of the artist [...]

Thao Le, Ba Trieu School of Consciousness

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The Ba Trieu School of Consciousness is an intensive youth leadership development program in San Jose, CA for Vietnamese / Vietnamese-American high school youth who see a need to enact change in their local communities. Participants will experience group exercises and engage in self-reflective conversations centered on racial and ethnic [...]