Nyakasinga Integrated Community Dev.Gr – Nyakasinga Community Library


Nyakasinga Community Library is an initiative created by Christopher Mogaka Magwaro as well as Boaz Ongote and others of Nyakasinga Intergrated Community Development Group. The project is located in Kisumu, Kenya and the goal is to promote formal and non-formal education with a focus on children, youth and women. The [...]

Patrick Scorese – Live Art as Effective Activism: A Symposium


Patrick Scorese Allison Brzezinski, Nikita Chaudhry are the organizers of the project “Live Art as Effective Activism: A Symposium”, located in Brooklyn, NY. The symposium on contemporary performance and activist efficacy aims to foster an open and critical exchange of ideas to refine creative, collaborative, and nonviolent approaches to activism [...]

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