Bright Future’s Music


Without a safe environment kids in Oakland are exposed to drug abuse, sex trafficking and gun violence. We provide mentorship, and accessible music lessons that are free to low cost to students.

Joanna Lin – Resonate


Resonate is one of the first organizations of its kind dedicated to spreading music and passion to rural students. These young adults have very limited exposure to music, frequently having to travel for 1-2 hours to the nearest [...]

Karen Eckert – The Poeta Project


Buffalo, NY educator and poet, Karen Eckert, started The Poeta Project in response to a need she saw in high schools: students holding back creatively and giving up too easily. Combining poetry, art, and education, this project pairs [...]

Derek Beckvold – Teach To Learn


Teach To Learn is a free online cultural exchange and mentorship network that uses music as the educational, creative, and therapeutic foundation for building personal relationships and an online community that empowers people to share what they know [...]

Barmathonye Music Club


Founded in 2010 by Ms Agnes Ochwata, Barmathonye Music Club provides a unique opportunity for rural boys and girls in Obambo, Kisumu, Kenya to build their confidence and improve their literacy skills through participation in music and drama [...]

Jean Bradbury – Studio Syria


Studio Syria was established in 2013 to bring creative educational supplies and classes to Syrians living as refugees in Jordan. The simple donation of pencils and school notebooks reminds children and their families that they are not forgotten, even as the Syrian war drags on.

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