SlUGS AKA (Isaiah Holcombe), GRIPR AKA (Kendra Berry), Julie Lopez – The Stupid Fresh Urban Art and Aerosol Workshop


The Stupid Fresh Urban Art and Aerosol Workshop provide a smart way young adults can become job ready in Crescent City, CA. The workshops activities are built on a career development system that provides the skills required in today's workforce while learning street art. The activities in street art courses [...]

Aimee Martinez and Rachel Melvald of Artists in Mind – The Future Moves Slow :: a celebration and discussion around Cuban artists, the resilience of the Cuban people, and the creative expression born out of US-Cuban relations.


Aimee Martinez, PsyD and Rachel Melvald, MSW are two Los Angeles-based psychotherapists with a passion for art who aim to promote and create space for emerging artists from underdeveloped areas without traditional means of exposure. Their first project involves a pop-up art gallery focusing on the creativity of artists in [...]

Erika Leaf – Justice Pack – Postcards With Social, Racial And Environmental Justice Related Images And Quotes


The Collective Vision postcard project was created as a way to empower ordinary Americans to take political action and speak out about the things they care about. Making kitchen table activism easy! Our first offering was the Democracy Pack, a set of 20 postcards with images from the Women's March. [...]