Transilient is a traveling photo and interview-based project. The team candidly documents transgender and gender non-conforming people in their day-to-day lived realities using only their voices. Over the past three years, they have traveled over 30,000 miles, interviewed [...]

Fundacion Comparlante – We Feel


Led by Fundacion Comparlante in La Plata, Argentina, We Feel - Sentimos - is a photo exhibition that portrays persons with disabilities carrying on different activities in fullness. This exhibition offers a real approach to the daily life [...]

Emily Potter – The Dream Walk Concert


Emily Potter is the director of the Million Kisses Foundation and an acoustic folk musician who lives fully within a gift economy model. She performs her donation-based "Dream Walk Concert" across the United States and internationally. Emily's motivation [...]

Shane Lassiter – Ataraxia


Shane Lassiter's Ataraxia project is a multi-media artist showcase that will allow local artists in different cities to build community and support one another, while improving skills such as event curation and performing arts. Ataraxia, which means being [...]

WAGE ART – Self-Love Portrait Project


The Self-Love Portrait Project centers around a series of Circulo styled workshops where project organizers aim to build awareness about how toxic masculinity and femininity impacts their ability to practice self-love, while also providing young people with an [...]

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