Grant Projects Tagged With Animal Welfare

Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

South Docs / All Creatures Great & Small – Eating Green: Making Animal Lives Matter


Eating Green: Making Animal Lives Matter is a documentary created by Nirupama Sarma and Gautam Sonti, who are located in India. Their documentary highlights the systemic and institutionalized violence inflicted on animals, especially in the name of food. It is unique for several reasons: it is one of the few [...]

Month of May Vegan Challenge – Animal Advocates of South Central PA


The Animal Advocates of South Central PA's month-long Vegan Challenge, in May 2018, aims to provide the knowledge and skills to twenty-five participants to live a sustainable vegan lifestyle in central Pennsylvania. Through this project, there will be several meetups with cooking classes, grocery store walk-through, and a trip to [...]

Francois Primeau/ Ezooterik Productions – The Age of Beasts: a film about cruelty and compassion


"The Age of Beasts: a film about cruelty and compassion" examines the paradoxes that come to light when we consider that certain species find their way to our hearts and others to our plate. This feature documentary probes the deep bond we have with our pets and highlights the work of people who are devoted to protecting animals.

CompassionWorks International – CompassionWorks International’s Go Vegan Initiative


CompassionWorks International's Go Vegan initiative will focus vegan messaging on our local area of Las Vegas. We will use vegan messaging that is direct, but friendly, to focus on the many benefits that going vegan offers and will couple that with strong, effective, eye-catching design in an effort to save more farmed animals from unnecessary suffering.

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