Grant Projects Tagged With Animal Welfare

Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Laís, Dalvanise, Andriely, Lanna, Regina – A conscientização animal através da arte


A conscientização animal através da arte is a project that has been working intensively on rescuing dogs and cats, as well as vaccinating, spaying, neutering, and giving them up for adoption. However, to change the mindset of the city, which largely disregards animal welfare and compassion, they have decided to [...]

Alexandra Sava and Oana Sava (founder) – Sava’s Safe Haven Community Projects Romania


Alexandra Sava and Oana Sava are the founders of Sava's Safe Haven Project, located in Village Branistea, Romania. They will provide free veterinary assistance to animals in the community, like surgeries, micro chipping, vaccinations, and tumor removals for sick animals. In Romanian villages, most of the citizens keep their dogs [...]

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