Grant Projects Tagged With Animal Welfare

Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Susan Rancourt, Into the Light Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. Website Design



Based primarily in Portola Valley, California and headed by Reneit Opperman, Into the Light Horse Rescue and Sanctuary has one mission: to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and/or provide sanctuary to slaughter-bound horses. The project advocates for horses who come from equine feedlots, have been abandoned, neglected and/or abused. These horses, often [...]

Lidiya Ivanova Svetoslavova, Perches For Predatory Birds In Farmlands Near A Protected Area Instead Of The Use Of Poison



"Perches for predatory birds in farmlands near protected areas instead of the use of poison” is a project of the Tutrakan Tourism Development Association, Bulgaria. The project will be implemented near wetlands of high natural value along the second largest river in Europe - Danube. Naturalists, youth and farmers together [...]

Juleen Wong, Tufts Veg Society

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Tufts Veg Society is a diverse community of undergraduate students committed to making a sustainable, nourishing, and compassionate lifestyle irresistible for herbivores and omnivores alike. Through on-campus events, partnerships with other clubs, and a collaboration with Tufts Dining Services, we strive to be a space for education, dialogue, and delicious [...]

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