2015 UVH Hero WInners

Lisa Shapiro Awards for Unsung Vegan Heroes – The 2015 Winners

We are honored to announce the 2015 winners of the Lisa Shapiro Awards for Unsung Vegan Heroes. We received 186 nominations and 45 judges voted to select our amazing winners, including one person hand picked by Lisa herself.

Check out the official announcement at Our Hen House.

Alka Chandna


Dr. Alka Chandna has been working behind the scenes to organize demonstrations, talks, vegan cooking classes, and leafleting on behalf of animals since she was a college undergraduate. She brought Neal Barnard and Ingrid Newkirk to speak on her campus in the 1980s and ran the San Francisco Vegetarian Society [...]



I remember the first time I saw Ekala, I noticed that he was a person loved by everyone. I've been an animal lover since childhood, but somehow I noticed that even though he was distant from animals, he seemed to have much respect for them. He actually became a vegetarian [...]

Lynda Cozart


Lynda Cozart has dedicated a tremendous amount of her life to animal protection causes both in volunteering and in her career. During the past few decades, she has worked for many non-profit organizations such as PCRM, Farm Sanctuary, FARM, Compassion Over Killing and HSUS. She has also volunteered for them [...]

Mikael Nielsen


I have known Mikael for many years and witnessed his transition from a passionate animal rights activist to a wise leader and an inspiration for the Chicagoland animal protection movement. Having worked with Mikael on a variety of small and big projects I felt fortunate that collaborating was always easy, since [...]

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