Mina Girgis, The Nile Project

Our Flow Fund partner, Youth for Environmental Sanity, brought us Mina’s project, The Nile Project.

The Nile Project was founded […]

Sarah Hanson, Labyrinthine

Sarah Hanson runs Labyrinthine, a nonprofit retreat center in the Garry Oak Habitat ecosystem on the San Juan Islands.  She […]

Laura Henderson, Growing Places Indy

Our flow fund partner, Off the Mat Into the World, funded Laura Henderson and her project with their Pollination Project […]

Greg Singer, Veg Toons

Greg is an accomplished production manager and story developer and has worked with  companies like DreamWorks Feature Animation, Fox Feature […]

Carolyn Mullin, National Museum of Animals and Society’s Oral History Project


Carolyn’s project is part of the mission of the National Museum of Animals and Society, which enriches the lives of […]

Megan Pincus Kajitani, Giraffe Revolution

Megan came to us as a flow fund grantee through our partnership with World Peace Earth.  Megan is a mother of […]

Chloe Falkenheim, Youth Vegetarian Alliance


Chloe is a highly motivated, ambitious 15 year old who is deeply committed to making change. Chloe is passionate about […]

Shital Mehta, Generosity at Shantivan Gardens

Shital is a long time art teacher.  She developed this project after noting that children, when exposed to generosity and […]

Gwen Sofer, The Women’s Circle

Gwen Sofer’s project, The Women’s Circle, was initially inspired by Gwen’s observation that women’s quilting circles from the past were a […]

Megan Lipsett, Copia Health

Megan Lipsett came to us via our flow fund partnership with Off the Mat into the World.   Megan’s project, Copia Health, […]

Elizabeth Rider, International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare

Elizabeth Rider is an MD (pediatrician) and medical educator at Harvard Medical School and co-founder of a volunteer collaborative effort, […]

Jennie Kay- Detroit Sanctuary Project

Jennie Kay is a Michigan native, raised in a very conservative Christian environment. After leaving that environment, she found that […]

Keith McHenry- Food Not Bombs Free Skool

Keith McHenry is a founder of Food Not Bombs, a decentralized organization that provides free vegan meals with the public in […]