Grants Funded in 2018

We provide micro grants for social change projects worldwide. These are the projects we funded in 2018.

Lidia Tibagwa – Hoima for Vegan Diet through Mushrooms – Promotion of the Vegan Diet through Oyster Mushroom Growing


Lydia Kaahwa Tibagwa is the leader of the project, Promotion of the Vegan Diet through Oyster Mushroom Growing, located in Uganda. The project will also be carried out by the staff of Ventures for Empowerment and Sustainable Community Development (VESCOD). The goal of the project centers on providing an alternative [...]

Tumla Suleyman – Reusing waste automobile tires to generate income


Tumla Suleyman is the founder of the project, Reusing Waste Automobile Tires to Generate Income, located in Nkambe, Cameroon. This project is a sustainable waste management/business venture that aims at reducing environmental pollution caused by waste tires found in the environment and turning them into an income generating raw material. [...]

Tabangmua Danisius, Nkwetta Charlotte – Providing a Sustainable Portable Water to Koba Community


Tabangmua Danisius and Nkwetta Charlotte are the founders of the project, Providing Sustainable Portable Water to Koba County, located in Cameroon.The goal of the project is to support 50 inhabitants of Koba village with portable water to improve their lives and overall health. This project will reduce the incidents of [...]

Aggrey Avendi and Young Ladies Club CBO – Koch Tuna Uwezo (KTU)


Aggrey Avendi is the director and advisor for the project, Koch tuna Uwezo, located in Nairobi, Kenya. The project promotes the rights of young women in the slums of Korogocho. Aggrey Avendi wants to provide awareness on gender-based violence (GBV), training on reproductive health, and entrepreneurial empowerment for women though [...]

Romario Mushroom Farms – Household Mushroom Cultivation for Livelihood Improvement


The Organic Household Mushroom Cultivation for Livelihood Improvement project is located in Kumbo, Cameroon, and it aims to train and support underprivileged teenage single mothers, which will help alleviate poverty. Project organizers train participants to cultivate mushrooms, which will provide an alternative source of income and provide health benefits. The [...]

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