Grants Funded in 2016

We provide micro grants for social change projects worldwide. These are the projects we funded in 2016.

Lakot Jennifer and Ongom Andrew, Community Art Workshop Project


Uganda is a young country, and unemployment hits young people in Uganda especially hard. For Jimmy Amone, a member of the East Africa Hub, initiatives which allow young people to support themselves and their communities are a vital part of building a stronger future for the country. In a small [...]

Minka Joel, Lutale Coffee, Cocoa And Fruits Nursery Centre


In Lutale Village near Lake Victoria, most young people rely on fishing to make a living. However, overfishing has destroyed fish stocks and led to young people struggling to make a living and getting into trouble with government agencies which regulate fishing. In earlier times, the area was  a large [...]

Amito Susan Oryem, Promotion of Arts and Crafts for Rural Women Development


After a chance meeting at a community development group where he was presenting about the Pollination Project grant opportunities, East Africa Hub Member Jimmy Amone travelled to a small village in Northern Uganda to see the work of Atute Ki Cinga ("I struggle with my hands") Women's Group. A small group, [...]

Moses Mukongo, Training And Education In Grow Biointensive Sustainable Farming, Impact Grant 2016


The project bears an emphasis towards the scaling up of sustainable, smaller-scale farming methods that will allow small-scale farmers to increase yields while conserving resources and minimizing environmental damage. More farmers and new communities shall be targeted. Participant farmers shall be viewed as proponents of dissemination; they will be challenged and encouraged to reach other farmers. Training workshops shall be organized for both new and old and farmers. Training materials shall be developed. Documentation of impact and limitations shall be prioritized; the monitoring and evaluation progress shall be explicit.

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