Grants Awarded 2014

We provide micro grants for social change projects worldwide. These are the projects we funded in 2014.

Valerie Wangnet, ThinkKind, Impact Grant 2014


With a background in education and communications, Valerie Wangnet started ThinkKind as a way of bringing humane education into Australian classrooms. For the last year, Valerie and ThinkKind have been developing and publishing free resources on the issue of animal welfare and protection in Australia to help fill the gap in [...]

Belén Martin Serrano, What’s Your Tree, Impact Grant 2014


Belén Martín Serrano and her team are part of La Escuela del Sol in Finestrat in the Alicante, Spain. The team works to bridge human development and ecological awareness.  They developed “Qué árbol eres tú?",  an adaptation of Julia Butterfly Hill’s What’s Your Tree program, that helps people identify their social change [...]

DeJuana Golden, Special Shades of Color, Impact Grant 2014


DeJuana Golden is single mom of three. Her son CJ was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Autism. Prior to his birth, DeJuana was unaware that CJ had a disability so once he was born her life quickly became a whirlwind.  As a way to break her isolation and share about her experience raising him, DeJuana started Special [...]

Krista Imbesi, Our Feet Are Rooted: A Documentary Film, Impact Grant 2014


Krista Imbesi is a filmmaker who is working on Our Feet are Rooted, a documentary film showcasing the peaceful fight that the residents of the Amuru District of Northern Uganda have undertaken to resist corporate oil and sugarcane interests that are threatening their land and their livelihoods. Our Feet Are Rooted spreads awareness on [...]

Alfred Okello, The Skill Life Susainability Programme, Impact Grant 2014


Alfred Okello is blind, yet this does not stop him from being a positive force for change in his community. Last year, in partnership with Peace Corps Volunteer, Brianna Schulyer, Alfred launched the Tandem bike program for the physically impaired members of the Foundation Hope for People with Disabilities (FHPD) in the Amuru District of Uganda. [...]

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