Grants Funded in 2013

We provide micro grants for social change projects worldwide. These are the projects we funded in 2013.

Marilyn McHugh, The Hummingbird Project (2013 Impact Grant)

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The Hummingbird Project was inspired by the belief that a coalition of individuals, each working for positive change, can have a great impact on the world. Founded by Marilyn McHugh and Chris Kennedy, they focus on cultivating a living soil, growing healthy food and capturing renewable energy. In 2013, they [...]

Vasanthi Kumar, Compassionate Classrooms (2013 Impact Grant)

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Vasanthi Kumar's mission is to introduce humane education lessons into school textbooks and teachers’ manuals that are published by the Educational Boards across India. She explains, “Compassionate Classrooms” was a project that I from STRAW India (Stray Relief and Animal Welfare) embarked upon, on receiving a grant of $1000 from [...]

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