Grants Funded in 2012

We provide micro grants for social change projects worldwide. These are the projects we funded in 2012.

Nathaniel James, Philanthrogeek


With help from the Pollination Project, Nathaniel James launched Philanthrogeek in January 2013.  Philanthropgeek is a virtual community (and website) that provides a vibrant, interesting community of innovative, risk-embracing philanthropic leaders.  Philanthrogeek provides a fun and productive space for winning stories and critical questions, trusted news and information and navigation [...]

Sandra Higgins, Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary


Sandra is a long time animal rights activist and ecopsychology practitioner who, four years ago, built an all-volunteer-run animal sanctuary in Ireland. She will use the grant from The Pollination Project to produce educational materials (leaflets, books, downloadable pdfs, greeting cards and a movie) that help to expand and build [...]

Leia Lewis Henderson, The Abundance Garden Course


Leia is passionate about social justice, women's self-determination and environmental sustainability. Leia's Abundance Garden Course is a multi-sensory 3 hour experience that supports women in reconnecting with nature, with their own inner wisdom and what is their "natural next step" in involving themselves in other social justice projects. Leia will [...]

Ambrose Carroll, Green the Church Campaign


Rev. Dr. Ambrose Caroll's Project addresses the issue of ensuring a new green economyis inclusive and that communities of color are at the forefront of the movement. The Green the Church campaign educates church leaders and religious academics on biblical teachings that support the Green Movement and prepare a social [...]

Sister Donna, Heartland Ethiopia


Sister Donna runs a small orphanage in rural Ethiopia. The community has a small maize farm that is the only thing feeding them during the famine. The Pollination Project teamed up with the our partner orgnanization, Waves for Water, to create a sustainable food and water source for the community.  [...]

Reverend Marjani Dele, Teen Farming Cooperative


The Teen Farming Cooperative is a new project to address the lack of access to healthy snacks and lack of economic opportunities among teens in the DC Metro Area. They are developing a training to teach teens to grow sunflowers sustainably, harvest the seeds and build their own small businesses [...]

Amy Ferguson, I See It


We are proud to support Amy Ferguson's new CD "i see it".  A portion of the proceeds of Amy's CD will go to one of our favorite organizations, World Peace Earth.   Amy's music carries the message that each person is powerful and we have the ability to make the [...]

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