The Pollination Project and Levi Strauss & Company have partnered to offer seed grants and support
to young people involved in a wide variety of environmental programs all over the world.

Tsechu Dolma, Mountain Resiliency Project, Impact Grant 2016


We are developing greenhouses in the Dhorpattan Tibetan Refugee Camp. We provide agriculture technique farming to farmers so that they can increase their productivity and income. We realize that climate change resiliency and economics is heavily tied together. By expanding financial inclusion and increasing economic activity in mountain communities, we are seeing that climate change adaptive capacity is also enhanced. We are also promoting traditional ways of growing indigenous crops and raising livestock. We are directly engaging the community, especially the youth, to gain from this combination.

Chuck Chuan NG, Malaysian Youth Heroes 2.0 – Eco Club Malaysia Project, Impact Grant 2016


Both interactive and hands-on environmental learning experiences are used to train young Malaysian youth to understand the basic scientific strategy to clean up (rehabilitate) contaminated Brownfield sites with the aid of sophisticated green technology of phytoremediation by planting Vetiver grass. The funding from the Impact Grant will be used for three upcoming projects: Tadom Hill eco-workshop, Klang river rehabilitation and Sivananda Home Children engagement projects.

Lucky Mwachi, Join The Pipe Water Kiosk-Patriana Educational Centre, Impact Grant 2016


With The Pollination Project Impact Grant, we will set up a Join The Pipe water kiosk at Patriana Education Centre located in Makongeni area, Nairobi. The water kiosk will enable school children and the community around the school access clean drinking water through a business model that will allow the school make profit by selling water to the community at an affordable price. The kiosk will also ensure regular school attendance since the school children won’t have to walk long distances to get water anymore.

Immanuel Landy-Ariel, One Tree At A Time Kayole Tree Nursery Project, Impact Grant 2016


The first grant helped us establish the first tree nursery in Kayole that is run by local youths. This grant will help us further establish our vision to impact our area in a positive direction. First priority for this grant will be to engage a local training organisation to teach our youth tree nursery best practices. Another item on the list is a water tank for water security. This will also incorporate rainwater harvesting. Further enhancing the project, we will source a wide variety of plants of all types to propagate and sell especially to urban dwellers.

Zachary Lager, Access to Water and Family Sector Farming, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Zachary Lager Project Name: Access to Water and Family Sector Farming Grant Location: Nguineia, Nhamatanda District, Sofala Province, Mozambi state Mozambique Funding Partner: Levi Strauss & Co. Project Description: Local Development Catalyst Network's (LDCN) sustainable agriculture and community food security project builds off our previous access to water project and promotes [...]

Ulfat Kazemi, Sustainistan, Impact Grant 2016


Sustainistan( As well as known as Leader’s incubator) is empowering women by giving them opportunities to lead the small grant projects. Our goal is to help them foster their life-long leadership potential including, problem solving, communication skills and critical thinking. Each activity will aim to boost their self-confidence, knowledge and encouraging them to think of new ideas. Our team is helping to create a greener and healthier environment at high schools in Afghanistan through their TPP Grant. Our vision is delivering Wow! to the schools environment through installing waste disposal bins and planting trees.

Dejah Powell, Get Them to the Green School Garden, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Dejah Powell Project Name: Get Them to the Green School Garden Grant Location: Chicago, Illinois Funding Partner: Levi Strauss & Co. Project Description: Get Them to the Green, started by Cornell University junior Dejah Powell, in partnership with Vanderpoel Elementary School, is launching a thriving school/community garden during the Spring [...]

Edelson Dulang, Continuity and expansion of Mobilizing Youth for Environmental Protection, Rehabilitation and Conservation, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Edelson Dulang Project Name: Continuity and expansion of Mobilizing Youth for Environmental Protection, Rehabilitation and Conservation Grant Location: Barangay, Pigcarangan, Tubod, Philippines Funding Partner: Levi Strauss & Co. Project Description: This project is intended to contribute in the conservation, protection, and rehabilitation of our Mangrove Forest in our community in order to create [...]

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