Emmanuel Dzisi and Wisdom Toabo – Volta Free School



Volta Free School is a project conceived to help educate young boys and girls of school going age who are out of school for different reasons. Our school will help these learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to go back and join their colleagues in school. The school [...]

Tourki Ali – Let’s Talk English



Tourki Mohamed Ali recognizes that limited opportunities for youth are an obstacle for them to develop their own God given potentials. Thus, he has initiated the free program “Let’s Talk English” as part of the Urango English Center's commitment to mentoring young people in learning how to speak and teach [...]

Anthony Oluoch – Africa Fire Mission Kenya Chapter SAFE Project (Student Awareness of Fire Education)

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The Africa Fire Mission, Kenya Chapter works closely with fire departments in training women under various self-help groups and students in high school and colleges (S.A.F.E - Student Awareness for Fire Education) on fire prevention and propagation of safe fire practices. Fire safety behavior among households and institutions improves with [...]

Brown Mtekela Mkandawire – Construction Of A Change Room & Handwashing Facility For Girls Learners At Primary School



The Rural Education Support and Rehabilitation Unit is a Malawian local organization. The organization intends to embark on a project for primary school aged girls who have been missing classes during menstruation due to lack of changing rooms, hand washing facilities and sanitary pads. The project will be coordinated by [...]

Aikande Robert Nkya – Msichana Amka Timiza Ndoto Zako (Rise Up Girl and Make Up Your Dreams)



Many girls do not have safe and sustainable methods of menstrual management due to lack of money and stigmatization, which often resorts to using unsafe and alternative methods. Rise Up Girl and Wake Up Your Dreams, initiated by Ms. Aikande Robert Nkya, aims at providing trainings and education about menstruation [...]

James Nathaniel – Bicycle Project



James Nathaniel, James Kirima, and Beatrice Elias are visionary leaders working on the Bicycle Project in Moshi-Kilimanjaro. Their mission is to increase assess to education for orphans and other vulnerable students who walk 5 to 7 kilometers to school. In these situations, bicycles will be used in order to reach [...]

Joseph Ithagu, Fortune 40 Project

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After a great struggle to raise funds for his own college education, Joseph Ithagu started the Fortune 40 Project, a crowdfunding system that aims to raise college funds for 40 poor, vulnerable and marginalized youths in Kilifi County, Kenya each year. In partnership with Guru Institute Kenya, the project is [...]

Pam Deboer, Everyone Can Play



Special education administrator, Pam DeBoer, observed students with challenges in the school yard, self-isolating and roaming the yard during play. Unfortunately, when the school was built, a play structure was not included in the play yard. PlayAfter classroom lessons were held for students to build an understanding about children with [...]

Davidson County Transitional Services, SEC2ND Chance Outreach



Sec2ND Chance is a Community Outreach Re-Entry & Recidivism Program developed under the leadership of Dr M Fay Ashworth, an ex-offender many years ago. Influenced by the growing social needs of the community, the Chief Executive Director responded by developing the Sec2ND Chance Community Outreach, which provides evidence-based programs to [...]

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