Leadership Development Projects

These projects support the development of local leaders who represent the future of their communities.

Helping Unite Giving Souls Team – Give More HUGS


The Texas based nonprofit Give More HUGS (Helping Unite Giving Souls) aims to unite communities to help students in need. Give More HUGS operates on a mentor model where Give More HUGS team members and community advocates mentor and train youth to become leaders and carry out GMH’s mission to help students in need develop a lifelong love for learning, reading, and creativity.

Chauncy Williams – Young Men of Destiny/ Young Brothers


Young Men of Destiny is a community driven organization that aims to tackle the issue of violence by incorporating strategies that can increase school retention. The project consists of participants who are male between the ages of 10-19, who struggle with particular issues ranging from; lack of parental support or guidance, absence of a father figure, lack of interest in education, criminal activity, or need for mentorship.

Ralitsa Rano, Multicultural Leadership Project, Impact Grant 2016


The Multicultural Leadership Project empowers refugee and immigrant youth in Aurora, Colorado. Through the program, high school students of all cultural and religious backgrounds share personal experiences, develop skills and assume leadership roles within their school community. The participation in this leadership initiative allows refugee and immigrant youth to voice and process their own cultural adjustment challenges and grow from them. The community projects will focus on helping their newly-arrived peers feel welcomed and supported in their adjustment to a new school, culture and home in the United States.

LaTy Banks, Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop, Impact Grant 2016


The Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop encourages building healthy attitudes and fostering positive communication and behaviors in at risk, low income youth through music. The program helps to activate student's inner strengths, gifts and abilities by giving them a positive forum and outlets for creative self expression. Impact Grant funding will be used to run new sessions of the workshop in several group homes, schools, and in collaboration with community organizations in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County.

Yaminah Childress, DREAM Mentoring Program, Impact Grant 2016


The DREAM Mentoring Program empowers at-risk youth to become their best selves through mentoring, educational support, life-skill training, art, and cultural immersion. The Impact Grant funds will be used for a community outreach and fundraising initiative that will spread awareness about the program, encourage volunteerism, and sustain operations to further impact our most valuable resources, our youth!

Wendy Guzman, Vermont Square Branch Friends of the Library, Impact Grant 2016


The Vermont Square Branch Friends of the Library program is a volunteer organization dedicated to raising funds to support the Vermont Square Branch City Library programs and Los Angeles County library services and to promote community interest in libraries, reading and lifelong learning. Our group is dedicated to putting books in the hands of every child in Los Angeles County to help encourage the love of reading and literacy and to give every child the power to succeed. The Friends will use the money to help with our outreach efforts and to operate our youth programs.

Julia Hollins, North Durham Youth Empowerment Program, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Julia Hollins Project Name: North Durham Youth Empowerment Program Grant Location: Baltimore City, Maryland Funding Partner: Alan Fox Project Description: The North Durham YEP program teaches youth how to build and maintain their own business by using there hands. We currently have a fenced-in garden, and a sewing machine. I need [...]

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