Kindness & Generosity Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Kindness & Generosity project from a Pollination Project grant.

Pravin Khandpasole, DISHA Helpline

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DISHA is a non-government organization (NGO) in India. It works for rights and holistic restoration of victims of violent crimes and people at risk. DISHA's dream and goal is to bring ‘Equal Rights and Equal Access to Justice’ to those who are experiencing inequality. People’s genuine need for support and information led DISHA [...]

Susan Chandler, Petals with a Purpose

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Think Green: if you want to help people and save the planet, then Petals with a Purpose is for you! Each week, volunteers, people with a social conscious, and individuals with and without intellectual disabilities create natural gifts of beauty using recycled items destined for the landfill like soup cans [...]

Lakeshia McKay, McKay’s Music Movement

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McKay's Music Movement is filling the gap of rapid school budget cuts—which ultimately leads to removing music education programs and other electives from the school curriculum—by providing free music lessons, workshops, college and scholarship assistance to low-income students of all ages throughout Broward and Miami-Dade county.

Apio Josephine and Linda Curran, Mushroom Farming and Peanut Butter for the elderly

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Hope For The Elderly Ministries Uganda was along time vision of its founder, Ms Apio Josephine. Raised in a poverty and HIV/AIDS infected area, Josephine grew up to witness great impoverishment and affliction in her community particularly among the elderly who didn’t have much care. Her great attachment to one [...]

Deborah (Coach C) Cuny, Glenview Elementary Schools Social-Emotional Anti-Bullying Sports Clinics

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Glenview Elementary is organizing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Sports Clinics for 2016-2017. An anti-bullying prevention program, SEL Sports Clinics are a fun and active way to: Cultivate youth leadership, Teach the toolkit (, Strengthen relationships and friendships, Prevent bullying and aggressive behaviors through peer interactions, increase physical activity and wellness, and [...]

Loretta Guy, It’s a Family Affair

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In Queens, New York, the Ladies of Color are bringing local communities social change and improving economic conditions through Loretta Guy’s project, It’s a Family Affair. Founded on the goal to empower young girls to accept their inner spirits, know their self-worth and know they are loved, the project will [...]

Deleah Sharp, Identify Your Dream Corporation

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Research shows that 60% of American children are exposed to violence, crime or abuse in their homes, schools and communities, leading to long-term physical, psychological and emotional harm. Northwest of Detroit, Michigan is the city of Pontiac, where Deleah Sharp aims to unlock the potential of youth battling with the [...]

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