Moses Mukongo, Training And Education In Grow Biointensive Sustainable Farming, Impact Grant 2016


The project bears an emphasis towards the scaling up of sustainable, smaller-scale farming methods that will allow small-scale farmers to increase yields while conserving resources and minimizing environmental damage. More farmers and new communities shall be targeted. Participant farmers shall be viewed as proponents of dissemination; they will be challenged and encouraged to reach other farmers. Training workshops shall be organized for both new and old and farmers. Training materials shall be developed. Documentation of impact and limitations shall be prioritized; the monitoring and evaluation progress shall be explicit.

Ralitsa Rano, Multicultural Leadership Project, Impact Grant 2016


The Multicultural Leadership Project empowers refugee and immigrant youth in Aurora, Colorado. Through the program, high school students of all cultural and religious backgrounds share personal experiences, develop skills and assume leadership roles within their school community. The participation in this leadership initiative allows refugee and immigrant youth to voice and process their own cultural adjustment challenges and grow from them. The community projects will focus on helping their newly-arrived peers feel welcomed and supported in their adjustment to a new school, culture and home in the United States.

LaTy Banks, Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop, Impact Grant 2016


The Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop encourages building healthy attitudes and fostering positive communication and behaviors in at risk, low income youth through music. The program helps to activate student's inner strengths, gifts and abilities by giving them a positive forum and outlets for creative self expression. Impact Grant funding will be used to run new sessions of the workshop in several group homes, schools, and in collaboration with community organizations in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County.

Kindred Spirits Care Farm, the Teaching Circle, Impact Grant 2016


We are going to build a Teaching Circle at the center of our organic garden mandala. This Teaching Circle will be a ring-shaped wooden planter with benches and overhead shade to make learners comfortable while they learn about plant based diets, the joys of growing food and how farm animals are friends, therapists, and individuals, not food. This grant will buy the materials to create this Teaching Circle, and with it we will be able to help people see, smell, taste and fully experience the truth we teach. This Teaching Circle will help change lives and we are very grateful.

Tsechu Dolma, Mountain Resiliency Project, Impact Grant 2016


We are developing greenhouses in the Dhorpattan Tibetan Refugee Camp. We provide agriculture technique farming to farmers so that they can increase their productivity and income. We realize that climate change resiliency and economics is heavily tied together. By expanding financial inclusion and increasing economic activity in mountain communities, we are seeing that climate change adaptive capacity is also enhanced. We are also promoting traditional ways of growing indigenous crops and raising livestock. We are directly engaging the community, especially the youth, to gain from this combination.

Jacob Savage, Concrn, Impact Grant 2016


Concrn is the compassionate social service network connecting people in need to compassionate responders trained in crisis intervention. Compassionate responders directly respond to crises in a street outreach capacity. Community members can download our mobile reporting app on iPhone or Android or call us directly to access their services. They make it easy for both witnesses and victims of nonviolent crises to create a report and directly dispatch their network. With this impact grant, they will fund the training of low-income Tenderloin residents who cannot afford to pay for training.

Hilary Ewang Ngide, Micro scale generational skill building to increase employability for marginalized youths within the city of Buea, Cameroon, Impact Grant 2016


The project involves a free computer application training program for youth within the City of Buea. It will train 20 youth from age 17-28 in three shifts a day on basic computer application programs (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, internet, printing and scanning) for two months each for the next three years (2015-2019), training over 500 youth in total. Upon completion of the program, the trainees will add knowledge acquired/certificates to their regular school certificates to apply for jobs while others will be empowered to start ICT related micro businesses.

Kansiime Honest Fortunate, Girls to Lead Africa, Impact Grant 2016


Girls to Lead Africa's Vision is to increase the number of leaders who consider leadership to be about the next generation and not just the next election. GTLA’s mission is to nurture female student leaders who are generational thinkers. We believe that a change in the view of the role of leadership right from school where leadership training begins, will be the first step to alter the paradigm of the current leadership crisis. We groom Leaders who make the school better for the next cohort of students to thrive.

Kate Luke, Be The Change Booklets, Impact Grant 2016


We are creating a series of booklets. The booklets tell the story of a particular resident of Little Oak Sanctuary, providing an opportunity for the reader to identify with that animal as an individual. Information is then provided about the issues that face those animals and further information on how people can BE THE CHANGE for that animal - ie what changes one can implement in ones life that will help that species. We have produced a booklet on Pigs, Dairy Cows, and Sheep and this impact grant will allow us to produce a booklet on Poultry and Horses.

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