Human Rights & Dignity Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Human Rights & Dignity project from a Pollination Project grant.

Madeleine Bair – El Tímpano


"El Tímpano" project (Spanish for “eardrum”) aims to engage and support Oakland's Latino immigrants through a reporting initiative that will bring conversation to surface and amplify their voices on local and national affairs, and provide information relevant to their concerns. The project engages collaboration with grassroots organizations, artists, and community [...]

Tariq Tarey and Amanda Erin – dis[place]d: seeking refuge


"dis[place]d: seeking refuge" is a two-part project that hopes to build empathy and understanding of and between two communities that have little contact: refugees and rural people, specifically in Tuscarawas County, Ohio -- the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The project launched with an exhibit that showcased simple and humanizing [...]

DC Peace Team Partners – Grounding & Sustaining the DC Peace Team


The “DC Peace Team (DCPT)” aims to provide training, accompaniment, and conflict monitoring. This project builds a culture of nonviolent peacemaking in the nation's capitol and beyond. DCPT was formed because of the inspiration from Nonviolent Peace Force, Peace Brigades International, Cure Violence, and other organizations that train civilians to [...]

Rural Women and Youth Fund Uganda (Ruth Fund) – Building Confidence of Elderly in Kyengera: Skills Training.


The Rural Women and Youth Fund Uganda (Ruth Fund) provides support to rural and urban communities that are marginalized and live in poverty. The Ruth Fund created the “Building Confidence of Elderly in Kyengera: Skills Training” project to help support elderly and the challenges they face. This project inspired elderly [...]

The Assertive Girl Zambia – Improved SRHR, creating awareness, creating solutions.


The Assertive Girl Zambia will launch the “Sexual Reproduction Health Solutions” project to provide sustainable sanitary towels and basic tailoring skills in Mtendere, Bauleni, and Katuba Area Great North Road, Lusaka. The project will provide basic skills training to promote knowledge and skills for the production of reusable sanitary towels [...]

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