Human Rights & Dignity Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Human Rights & Dignity project from a Pollination Project grant.

Jill Anderson, Otros Dreams en Acción Community Space in Mexico City



Otros Dreams an Acción (ODA) builds networks and opportunities for the mutual support and empowerment of deported youth in Mexico. This is an effort to create a community space in Mexico City where people can come together in the aftermath of deportation and trauma. We will buy up-cycled furniture (two [...]

Veronicah Mughogho, Good Sanitation For Proper Education



Good Sanitation For Proper Education is a project that aims to reduce the sanitary related barriers that hinder pupils at Mayembe Primary School in Rumphi, Malawi, to attain good education. The project intends to support and engage the local education committees to make a better school environment for pupils by providing proper sanitary facilities that will [...]

Aima Raza, Peace and Human Rights Education Pilot



Aima Raza is the co-founder of Peace Project Inc, and she believes that kids are never too young to learn about peace, mutual respect, and human rights. Through in-school workshops and projects, Peace Project Inc. helps fifth grade students connect to the stories of peacemakers that may go untold in [...]

Thao Le, Ba Trieu School of Consciousness

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The Ba Trieu School of Consciousness is an intensive youth leadership development program in San Jose, CA for Vietnamese / Vietnamese-American high school youth who see a need to enact change in their local communities. Participants will experience group exercises and engage in self-reflective conversations centered on racial and ethnic [...]

Nicole Vazquez, No Human Is Illegal Mural

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Nicole Vazquez will be working on a mural project in the Beach Flats Community in Santa Cruz, CA. Her mural will include images and text that was not approved for a City mural she was working on, particularly the phrase "No Human is Illegal." Nicole says: "I am promoting my [...]

Karine Sar, Empowering Disabled Women in Casamance (Senegal) through micro-enterprise

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Karine and Deline’s Gift, the organization she leads, work to serve and create practical and impactful economic opportunities for marginalized and disabled women in Casamance, Senegal. They do that by them with providing skills training, seed funding and long term coaching so they can create successful micro enterprises that lead [...]

Erin Pendexter Stone, NursingWise

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Erin Pendexter Stone is a registered nurse caring for Maine’s chronically ill population with a vision to create a culture where talking about dying is a shared value. End of life care for many of our frail citizens with chronic illnesses becomes hospitalization after hospitalization, going through painful often unnecessary [...]