Human Rights & Dignity Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Human Rights & Dignity project from a Pollination Project grant.

Notes to my Future Self – Artists Within Reach: Notes to my Future Self


Artists Within Reach: Notes to my Future Self (#theunitedstrengthofyouth) is a monthly youth voter registration project crafted to include/prepare eligible teens and young adults from various South Florida communities of color to participate in the 2018 elections. The initiative applies a multicultural / multilingual approach to deconstructing and demystifying the [...]

Acaye Paul, Promoter PWDs Sports in Ug – Pride in Me


“Pride in Me project” is an all-inclusive school-based intervention aimed to make schools safer, more ‘disability-friendly’ environment for children with disabilities to learn through engaging various stakeholders, at the school level, as well as in the local community and government through a range of different activities. Through this project, children [...]

Nina Magpili-Smith & Polinpapilinho Katina of Intangibles Inc. – The Cultural Tree Healing & Empowerment Workshop


The Cultural Tree Healing and Empowerment Workshop, a group activity-based workshop that aims to develop the ethnic and global identity of the Filipino/Filipino-American youth in North Carolina and Virginia. The generational legacies of colonialism in the Philippines (16th to 20th century) are related to the mental and socioeconomic health of [...]

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