Human Rights & Dignity Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Human Rights & Dignity project from a Pollination Project grant.

Steve Davis – The Skill Builders Project



The Skill Builders Unit in the Washington Correction Center in Washington State holds a prison population of inmates deemed particularly vulnerable. Many face great intellectual and literacy challenges. The Skill Builders Project represents photography, both by Davis and of the Skill Builders enrolled in the prison’s first-ever photography class. This [...]

Kagulo Scovia – United Rural Women Food Pantry- Tororo



Did you know that the issue of men and boys stealing foodstuffs from their wives and mothers is not an uncommon case in rural Uganda? It is in fact, one of the key causes of domestic violence in rural Uganda. If this weren’t bad enough, when food is taken away [...]

Brighton Kalinga, Women and Girls Awareness on their Land Rights



Tanzanian customary norms are strongly against women owning land and controlling property. Most rural women are not aware of their fundamental rights, including the right to own land as enshrined in the 1977 constitution. This project will help raise rural women’s awareness on their rights to own land. Paralegal personnel [...]

Arnulfo Gomez, Afretlain Mayan Genocide Reparation Project



The Afretlain Genocide Reparation Project is an initiative established by indigenous human rights and peace activist Arnulfo Gomez Oxlaj. The initiative aims to build the movement for justice and reconstruction for the K’iche’ Mayan people for the genocide perpetrated against them during the 36-year armed conflict in Guatemala. Arnulfo was [...]

Sonya McKinzie, Girls of Virtue Empowered



Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation is an organization that aspires to empower and encourage young girls from underprivileged communities and/or who have witnessed domestic violence in their homes. Girls of Virtue Empowered was founded by Sonya McKinzie to provide preteen and teenage girls with resources for building their self confidence, [...]

Pritha Gopalan, Yalla!: A trusted, scalable software solution that connects relief agencies with vetted volunteers



Yalla! is a software that allows relief agencies and volunteers to customize volunteer participation and effectively support newly-arrived Syrian refugee families in New Jersey. Relief agencies and non-profits are stretched beyond their capacity in meeting the considerable health, educational, and financial needs of families forced to migrate due to the [...]

Ursula Gayou Esteva, More Young Men For Equality



Funded by Maria Elena, Sergio and Ursula; IIPSIS is a non-profit organization aimed to improve the living conditions of local young people, through social initiatives in Queretaro, México. Since globally men are most likely to be related to killing, both as perpetrators and victims, developing actions towards creating a culture [...]

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