Health & Wellness Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Health & Wellness project from a Pollination Project grant.

Liyanna Sadowsky, Daisy Ozim, Lucy O’leary – Earth Freedom Collective


Earth Freedom Collective is a decentralized network of cooperative buildings and urban/rural eco-villages for racial & economic justice, community health, and climate resilience. Their work centers on creating ecologically and spiritually thriving communities through the construction of urban eco-neighborhoods and rural eco-villages. They carry a shared vision for restoring indigenous [...]

Happy Arnold, Paul Chirwa, Raisha Matemba – Rooting Out Infant Malnutrition With Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato


YAED will engage more women and youth in food and malnutrition security and sustainable agriculture as a wealth creation economic activity in Malawi. This pro-youth agriculture initiative is not currently available in Malawi and it still remains a sector with high potential but low investment in transforming the well being [...]

Susan Adol – Building emotional resilience of conflict affected women and children in Juba city of South Sudan


Building Emotional Resilience Among Conflict-Affected Women and Children in South Sudan addresses the emotional and psychological problems faced by South Sudanese women and girls in Juba city due to years of ongoing conflict and the current economic situation. Facilitated by a trained psychologist, this project will conduct group-based and individual [...]

Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers – Webinar Educational Series for Medical Providers Serving Refugees


The Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers is a small start-up Medical Society dedicated to educating medical providers who serve refugees. Understanding the appropriate care of refugees is a necessity for those providing this humanitarian service. The Society will utilize funding to create a webinar educational series for medical providers throughout [...]

Maria Martinez – 13 Moons (Trece Lunas- re-encontrando nuestra sanacion )


In modern-day Mexico, many women suffer from violence, discrimination, and oppression. Maria Martinez of Trece Lunas works to heal the female energy and the social elements. Her project will have monthly work sessions to help women awaken their knowledge and self empowerment through spiritual, health-related, and artistic workshops. She will [...]

Brigada de Salud Comunitaria 43 – Brigada de Salud Comunitaria 43 Manual de Primeros Auxilios


The Brigada de Salud Comunitaria 43 is a grassroots community health organizing effort based in the municipality of Tixtla in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. The group organizes community-based health brigades and trains local community members to diagnose, treat and prevent the most common illnesses that are found in their [...]

Tehu Kuma Nok-Itomi – Tribz.Bio/ Okobi.Life Black-Turtle Provisions Co-op Project


OKOBI.LIFE Black-Turtle Provisions Cooperative is a Free Operation Organic Distribution & Supply (F.O.O.D.S) initiative of The Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize (TRIBZ.BIO). OKOBI.LIFE recognizes that for ultimate food security, it is important to watch food grow from seed to fruition. Their cooperative model facilitates opportunities for indigenous and marginalized women [...]

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