Health & Wellness Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Health & Wellness project from a Pollination Project grant.

Shea Norris, Sovereign Seeds & Starts



Sovereign Seeds & Starts is a student-led fundraising effort focused on providing traditional and organic heirloom indigenous seeds and starts from all across Indian country and South and Central America to the Bay Area community through venues such as Pow Wows, community events, and farmers markets. The gardening and planting [...]

Jenna Lee, A Film and Food

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Two vegan sisters Jenna and Jessica Lee are the hostesses of A Film and Food, whose purpose is to educate peers of high school students at Notre Dame Academy High School in Los Angeles through a screening of the documentary Cowspiracy and providing delicious vegan food for everyone to enjoy. [...]

Chiara Eisner and Julia Shivers, OncArt, Inc.



Chiara Eisner and Julia Shivers co-founded the international nonprofit OncArt, Inc. in Boston, MA, to create illustrated health education materials by connecting clinicians directly with artists. These materials are designed especially for people in low-resource regions where advanced rates of disease are high, literacy levels are low, and clinicians may [...]

David Viafora, Mindfulness Intentional Communities World Research Tour



David Viafora and Vanessa Loucky have launched their "Mindfulness Communities World Research Tour" to explore and document over a dozen mindfulness-based residential communities in 9 different countries, sharing the wisdom and compassion of these communities with the world. People need communities that teach ways to transform the suffering in themselves, [...]

Syd Stewart, Supershero: The Journey of She



The Supershero Project is the brainchild of writer/poet/filmmaker Syd Stewart. This collection of video diaries features young women of color, ages 12-25 living in underserved neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, who share experiences of socioeconomic adversity. The project vision is to improve the lens through which they see and value [...]

Aminateh Nkemngu, Improving Toilet Hygiene For Women Fishmongers And Teenage Girls Along The Coast Of South West Cameroon



Aminateh Nkemngu is a Cameroonian Development Journalist and Founder/CEO of The Community Initiative For Development Communication (CODEC-Cameroon). CODEC-Cameroon is a community social mobilization platform assisting local peoples and communities in having adequate access to information and knowledge to drive and sustain their own development through education, training, and advocacy to [...]

Noah Hastay, FIT for ALL: Fun & Inclusive Training for Individuals with Special Needs



More than 63,780,000 Americans have special needs … and whether cognitive/developmental, physiological or psychological in nature, these needs add levels of difficulty to daily life activities. Communities across the world are effected by the many secondary health conditions associated with living sedentary lifestyles that lack fitness, primarily due to barriers [...]

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