Health & Wellness Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Health & Wellness project from a Pollination Project grant.

Merlon Rgland – Project Sunrise



Project Sunrise aims to develop and offer day treatment services integrated within childcare and preschool settings to stimulate and nurture children before they go to kindergarten. The project uses the most innovative learning tools, curricula, playground equipment and indoor and outdoor learning environments to create learning spaces with educational development [...]

Prisca Kajila – Mushroom cultivation by WLHIV



“CHIDA Women's Group” is affiliated with the Community Health Issues and Development Association (CHIDA), a Tanzanian officially registered NGO. The group, under the leadership of Mrs Prisca Aloyce Kajila, is implementing a project reaching 25 women living with HIV who face acute malnutrition, food insecurity and poverty. The project is [...]

Epamba Comfort and Tah Sheron- Besafe Re-Usable Pads For Adolescent Girls And Women In Cameroon



BeSafe Reusable pads is an initiative conceived by Epamba Comfort with the support of Tah Sheron. This project aims to improve Cameroonian women's health by setting up a micro-enterprise initiative for a women’s group in Kake-Kumba in the production and sale of reusable, washable sanitary pads to their immediate communities [...]

Michelle Hardy-Rodriguez, Joseph Rodriguez – My Scars Are Beautiful



My Scars Are Beautiful is a non-profit organization located in Las Vegas, Nevada founded by Michelle Hardy who suffered third degree burns to her upper extremities in a car accident. The organization is dedicated to providing inspiration, support, and sustainability to individuals who have been physically and emotionally scarred from [...]

Ana Karina Sandoval Cáceres, Nadia Morillo – El Camino de la Flor de Lis Radio Program



“El Camino de la Flor de Lis” is a radio program conducted by Hannah Karina Sandoval, Nadia Morillo and Maria Gracia Cavero in Lima, Peru. The program promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. It also aims to support the well-being in people and promote human values ​​such as spirituality, [...]

Roseby Chiweza, Billy Mbewe – Provision Of HIV Prevention Information And Services To Bicycle Taxi Operators



Roseby Chiweza, Executive Director of Youth for Positive Change (YOPOC), is implementing an HIV prevention project along Lake Chilwa, Malawi. Bicycle taxi operators in this area at Jali and Govala trading centers are indulging in unprotected sex with sex workers. These operators are at high risk of contracting HIV due [...]

Wendy Campbell, Yoga Practices For Cancer Survivors



Wendy Campbell, cancer survivor, yoga instructor and longtime yoga practitioner, founded Survive & Thrive; an organization located in Naples, Florida dedicated to empowering cancer survivors to reduce physical and mental suffering. Survive & Thrive programs are based on yoga and mindfulness practices that cultivate freedom, choice and balance. Survive & [...]

Shea Norris, Sovereign Seeds & Starts



Sovereign Seeds & Starts is a student-led fundraising effort focused on providing traditional and organic heirloom indigenous seeds and starts from all across Indian country and South and Central America to the Bay Area community through venues such as Pow Wows, community events, and farmers markets. The gardening and planting [...]

Chiara Eisner and Julia Shivers, OncArt, Inc.



Chiara Eisner and Julia Shivers co-founded the international nonprofit OncArt, Inc. in Boston, MA, to create illustrated health education materials by connecting clinicians directly with artists. These materials are designed especially for people in low-resource regions where advanced rates of disease are high, literacy levels are low, and clinicians may [...]

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