Environmental Sustainability Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Environmental Sustainability project from a Pollination Project grant.

Charles Orgbon – Herramientas para jovens agentes de cambio


In order to protect Colombia’s biodiversity for generations to come, the country’s youth must be equipped with the know-how to create meaningful, local environmental projects. After having founded my non-profit organization, Greening Forward, at the age of 12-years-old and thereafter creating an award-winning blueprint for training young environmental leaders, I [...]

Otti Joel Vincent – Rubanga Twero Tree Nursery Bed


Rubanga Twero Tree Nursery Bed distributes tree seedlings in the community and teaches individuals about environmental conservation and protection. The project is meant to cover the sub-counties of Paloga and Madi Opei in Lamwo District, Uganda. These two sub-counties have the highest rate of detrimental environmental activities including the cutting [...]

Kimberly Callas – Discovering the Ecological Self


Many of us are experiencing a great disconnect with nature, coupled with feelings of alarm and helplessness over ongoing environmental destruction. Discovering the Ecological Self is a project designed by artist, Kimberly Callas, to uncover our deep relationship with nature through significant nature-based symbols and patterns. Symbols and patterns, such [...]

Norly Germain – A Cistern of 15000-gallon of Water in the Community of Jeannette


Founded by Dr. Norly Germain and his colleagues, “Hope and Change for Haiti” (HCH) supports vital infrastructure projects in Paillant – Haiti. In Paillant, housing is dilapidated and shoddy; residents have only limited, arduous access to water. HCH’s two current projects consist of building and providing sturdy and earthquake-resilient homes [...]

Kate Stone – GotScience Magazine, by Science Connected


GotScience Magazine is a digital publication that delivers comprehensible science news to the global public. Powered by volunteers and published by Science Connected, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of science, GotScience Magazine volunteers translate complex research findings into accessible insights on science, nature, technology, and environmental sustainability. [...]

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