Environmental Sustainability Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Environmental Sustainability project from a Pollination Project grant.

Queer Magic Crew & Queer Resilience Squad – Building Queer Community at Permaculture Convergence


This fall, Queer Ecojustice Project is working with prominent environmental organizations in Northern California (Permaculture Convergence and Bioneers Conference), to create and facilitate LGBTQ-affirming safer spaces and offer Queer Ecologies workshops. We will be increasing inclusion in these conferences by organizing a cohort of LGBTQ young adults from fire-impacted areas [...]

SERG Shela Environmental Residents Group – Beach Cleaning, Shela, Lamu Island, Kenya


Our self help group is called SERG which stands for Shela Environmental Residents Group. In response to environmental pollution we work on cleaning a stretch of around 12 kilometres of beach on a daily basis. The biggest challenge is the transport of the collected beach debris (flip flops and other [...]

Textile & Book Artist Allyson Allen – Junk Journals – Beautifully Re-purposed/Altered Books


Textile and book artist Allyson Allen inspires individuals of all ages to be mindful of environmentally sustainable art by teaching them to create Junk Journals - beautifully re-purposed books. This clever and creative project produces fun and functional up-cycled books. Junk mail envelopes, recycled flyers, and damaged, out-of-circulation library books [...]

Tumla Suleyman – Reusing waste automobile tires to generate income


Tumla Suleyman is the founder of the project, Reusing Waste Automobile Tires to Generate Income, located in Nkambe, Cameroon. This project is a sustainable waste management/business venture that aims at reducing environmental pollution caused by waste tires found in the environment and turning them into an income generating raw material. [...]

Kern Collymore, Sixth World Solutions – Dine Climb


Kern Collymore is the founder of Dine Climb, located in Navajo Nation, Arizona, which brings climb trainings to indigenous and POC activists working on environmental and social justice issues in frontline communities. Trainings include skill building in movement organizing, environmental research, traditional ecological knowledge and many other areas important for [...]

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