Environmental Sustainability Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Environmental Sustainability project from a Pollination Project grant.

Roger Quannah Settler and Laura Gentry, Overton Community Gardens



The Overton Community Gardens are actively partnered with the Historic Overton South Neighborhood Alliance. Founded by Roger "Melina" Settler and Laura Gentry in April 2015, these gardens are strategically located in an area of high visibility between the Guadalupe Community Garden and the Heart of Lubbock Community Garden. The project [...]

Heather Borders, Northeast Florida Guide to Farms, Local Food, and Sustainability



The Northeast Florida Guide to Farms, Local Food, and Sustainability eBook project was developed by Kimberly Ferguson, an undergraduate student in the school of public health at University of North Florida as part of a required 300-hour internship. Heather Borders, a Registered Dietitian and founder of Kailo Nutrition, facilitated and [...]

Ean Koerner, The Wildflower Project



Matt Wildenauer, Ean Koerner and Matthew Peterson founded The Wildflower Project in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2015. By planting wildflower gardens in underutilized or vacant spaces, they aimed to restore the health and wellness of pollinator habitats in the Twin Cities, while bringing vibrant, natural beauty back to these urban [...]

Permaculture Action Network, Bay Area BioRegional Crew of Permaculture Action Network



Permaculture Action Network works at the edge of art, music, culture, and the regenerative community movement, offering people a pathway to take action locally where they live. The continental network connects educators, community organizers, grassroots projects, and performance artists through Permaculture Action Days and educational events. These mass actions mobilize [...]

Kinnear Mlowoka, Sustainable Forest Management and Livelihood Improvement Project



Kinnear Mlowoka believes that if there is community action there will be global impact. Group Village Headman Mabwanya Richi will reduce the burden of water borne diseases by promoting safe and portable water through promotion of sustainable forest management which will create better livelihoods to poor households who are economically [...]

Dennis Wesonga Okoyo, Promoting Banana Value Chain for Food and Livelihood

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"Promoting Banana Value Chain for food and livelihood" is a project initiated by Dennis W. Okoyo in Kakamega County, Kenya. It aims at increasing the availability of food and improving the household income of 30 women. By collaborating with the Ward Agricultural extension officer, the project will train 30 women [...]

Joy M. K. Simwaka, Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihoods

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The Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihoods Project is an initiative created by Joy Simwaka, Executive Director of Community Support Initiative. The Project will address continued loss of biodiversity due to deforestation for charcoal burning and firewood cutting, practices often carried out by local residents as a means of earning a [...]

Eco Care Organization Nigeria, Bin-Go Desktop and Mobile Application

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Bin-Go is a Mobile and Desktop Application is an initiative of Alex-Okolie Victor, Sophie Okolie Temofe and Esther Ochuwa of Eco Care Organization Nigeria, to facilitate efficient and effective waste management, recycling and also engender an earth savvy lifestyle in Nigeria, Africa and the World. Bin-Go App enables seamless communication [...]

Lidiya Ivanova Svetoslavova, Perches For Predatory Birds In Farmlands Near A Protected Area Instead Of The Use Of Poison



"Perches for predatory birds in farmlands near protected areas instead of the use of poison” is a project of the Tutrakan Tourism Development Association, Bulgaria. The project will be implemented near wetlands of high natural value along the second largest river in Europe - Danube. Naturalists, youth and farmers together [...]

Blair Butterfield, Sunrise Community Garden to Market



Sunrise School of Miami has one of the most unique gardening programs that is fully integrated into the children's classrooms and homes by offering a complete garden-to-market initiative. The children learn throughout the program to apreciate seed propagation, plant needs, soil building, pollinators, beneficial insects and general stewardship of the [...]

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