Environmental Sustainability Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Environmental Sustainability project from a Pollination Project grant.

Bryan Wright, They Done Gone Green Project



Bryan Ibrafall Wright is the President/CEO of the Council of Urban Development, an umbrella organization that supports other projects including the Black Urban Gardening Society (BUGS). BUGS works towards solving the problem of food sustainability in poor minority communities by teaching people to grow their own food. The organization wants [...]

Eunita Atitwa, Pollinator Garden of Matungu sub county

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The Pollinator Garden of Matungu Sub Country informs and trains people about pollination, pollinators and the importance of pollination for everyday life. Pollinators are important because pollination is key to a healthy environment and crucial to save our daily food supply. Loss of habitat and food due to deforestation and [...]

Angela Adrar, Ecohermanas



EcoHermanas is a community of women that weaves and reconnects communities to Mother Earth. Together they create a bold sisterhood culture of awareness, energy, and flow around place-based environmental issues, cultivating community and contributing to the greater co-fulfillment of the community's potential as a whole. EcoHermanas values a deep respect [...]

Maureen Ochieng – Inuka Na Gunia Farming Project (Sack Gardening)



In a world where industrial agriculture poses a threat to our water and soil resources and the access to quality food, 22 year old Moureen Aum--a single mother--is using Sack Gardening to address this situation in Matungu sub county, Kenya. Sack Gardening addresses the decrease of available irrigation land in [...]

Roger Quannah Settler and Laura Gentry, Overton Community Gardens



The Overton Community Gardens are actively partnered with the Historic Overton South Neighborhood Alliance. Founded by Roger "Melina" Settler and Laura Gentry in April 2015, these gardens are strategically located in an area of high visibility between the Guadalupe Community Garden and the Heart of Lubbock Community Garden. The project [...]

Heather Borders, Northeast Florida Guide to Farms, Local Food, and Sustainability



The Northeast Florida Guide to Farms, Local Food, and Sustainability eBook project was developed by Kimberly Ferguson, an undergraduate student in the school of public health at University of North Florida as part of a required 300-hour internship. Heather Borders, a Registered Dietitian and founder of Kailo Nutrition, facilitated and [...]

Ean Koerner, The Wildflower Project



Matt Wildenauer, Ean Koerner and Matthew Peterson founded The Wildflower Project in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2015. By planting wildflower gardens in underutilized or vacant spaces, they aimed to restore the health and wellness of pollinator habitats in the Twin Cities, while bringing vibrant, natural beauty back to these urban [...]

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