Environmental Sustainability Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Environmental Sustainability project from a Pollination Project grant.

Tumla Suleyman – Reusing waste automobile tires to generate income


Tumla Suleyman is the founder of the project, Reusing Waste Automobile Tires to Generate Income, located in Nkambe, Cameroon. This project is a sustainable waste management/business venture that aims at reducing environmental pollution caused by waste tires found in the environment and turning them into an income generating raw material. [...]

Kern Collymore, Sixth World Solutions – Dine Climb


Kern Collymore is the founder of Dine Climb, located in Navajo Nation, Arizona, which brings climb trainings to indigenous and POC activists working on environmental and social justice issues in frontline communities. Trainings include skill building in movement organizing, environmental research, traditional ecological knowledge and many other areas important for [...]

Boresha Mazingira Mtaa Yako – Boresha Mazingira Koch: Transforming Public Spaces


Boresha Mazingira Koch: Transforming Public Spaces is a community project initiated by Ezra Otieno, a longtime community radio broadcaster and environmentalist in Korogocho, Nairobi. The project is meant to transform and reclaim the public spaces that have since been turned into dumping sites in the community of Korogocho and the [...]

Paola Gonzalez Matthias Rös Martha Baena – Urban bees as tool for education and conservation


Paola Gonzalez, Matthias Rös, and Martha Baena are the co-founders of the project, Urban Bees as Tool for Education and Conservation, located in Xalapa and Coatepec, Mexico. Bees are an essential component of all terrestrial ecosystems, including urban environments. Despite the growing general concern about the decline of bee populations, [...]

Megan Szrom, Bryan Deans – Indigenous Wisdom & Permaculture Skills Convergence


The Indigenous Wisdom & Permaculture Skills Convergence is an initiative of Megan Szrom in collaboration with Lakota tribal member Bryan Deans. IWPS Convergence brings together renowned ecological teachers, tribal resiliency groups, and participants from around the country to co-create sustainable infrastructure and join a variety of skill sharing workshops on [...]

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