Economic Empowerment Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Economic Empowerment project from a Pollination Project grant.

Ajibola Oladejo – Purple Pearls Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP)



Mujidat Ajibola's Purple Pearls Women's Entrepreneurship Development Programme is focused on funding vulnerable women; especially those that have been displaced as a result of terrorist activities in Nigeria and are in business or have been trained in some crafts to remove them out of the shackles of poverty. By empowering [...]

Betty Abah – Sustainable Livelihoods Enhancement for Teenage Girls in Makoko Slum, Lagos



This skills acquisition training will benefit at-risk girls, teenage mothers and other vulnerable young women in Makoko and surrounding slums (waterfront communities) in Lagos, Nigeria. It will utilize natural materials from the local environment to create products that will enhance their livelihoods. For example, they young women will turn the [...]

Stephanie Victa – One Stitch At A Time



“One Stitch at a Time” is a free program that teaches community members how to sew. The program consists of five modules presented over the course of a year to teach skills such as sewing machine maintenance and operation, garment construction, pattern drafting, and product development. Along with these valuable [...]

Adelaja Titilayo – Loan Without Interest



Mother Pride and Development Initiative was founded by Adelaja Titilayo in the Mowe area of Ogun State, Nigeria. The initiative supports rural, less-privileged women, widows and youths by providing them with loans to help them grow their respective businesses. From a survey conducted by the project on overcoming business challenges, [...]

Jenny Rose Karuhanga – Neighbors Group Mushroom Project

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Mushrooms are a traditional delicacy in the African setting, including this Uganda-based project. They have high nutritious value, as well as medicinal functions. Mushrooms are a very good source of proteins, minerals and vitamins. In this project, we will train ten low income women in mushroom growing. Mushrooms are a [...]

Paul Wanyama – Single Mothers Capacity Building Programme

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The Single Mothers Capacity Bulding Programme targets vulnerable households that are headed by single mothers without any formal employment or a stable source of income. Single mothers will be trained in hairdressing skills in a County Polytechnic at Lung`anyiro. These single mothers will jointly establish a hair dressing training center [...]

Santa Auma – Alebtong Ginger Farming Project



In rural Uganda, Alebtong Ginger Farming Project consists of a group of 15 elderly and single women who are taking the issue of food sovereignty into their own hands. They are a proactive group of survivors of rape, domestic abuse and other social injustices, who have started to teach other [...]

Prescilla Awino – Organic Smart Farming

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Organic Smart Farming is a project initiated by Prescilla Awino Onyango, who has a passion for environmental conservation and agribusiness. She believes in humankind and the protection of their wellbeing, which is why the project was created as a solution to the following problems in her region, along the shores [...]

Akongo Beza – Empowering Women Project

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Akongo Benza, Achieng Betrice and Apalat Grace started the Empowering Women Project in Tororo Uganda, which helps women contribute to the economic development of their families by undertaking small-scale businesses. The project trains women in business skills and empowers them with start up capital to start profitable small businesses. The [...]

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