Economic Empowerment Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Economic Empowerment project from a Pollination Project grant.

Angieh Ashu Tanjong Gavin – Community Road Maintenance Project


Community Road Maintenance Project is an initiative created by infrastructure development officer, Angieh-Ashu Tanjong Gavin, to form and empower road management committees among roadside communities around the Takamanda National park in Akwaya South West Region of Cameroon. Ever since the construction of earth roads in the project area in 2008, [...]

Collins Okoth Wereh – Agroforestry for Sustainable Land Use and Economic Empowerment.


This project targets smallholder farmers through community groups, allowing them to plant mostly native trees and various commercial viable crops such as groundnuts, beans, maize and upland rice that are subsequently sold through local grocery markets. While facilitating access to markets for its members, the enterprise also contributes to forest [...]

Joseph Okello Makokha – Sikinga Indigenous Seed Bank Project.


Sikinga Indigenous seed bank project is a response to the ongoing loss of indigenous seeds in rural communities in Kenya. The project builds on sustainable, economic and agro ecological approaches to address the current situation of acute hunger, malnutrition and poverty caused by the effect of mono-cropping and climate change [...]

Spandhana – EMERGE – Eradication of Early Marriage and Restoring Girls Entity – Resource Center


“EMERGE – Eradication of Early Marriage & Restoring Girls’ Entity” is an initiative of SPANDHANA, which focuses on identifying survivors of child/early marriage & forced marriages who are deserted, divorced and separated and empower them by organizing and enabling them to continue education and build better career. The project also [...]

G-BAT Energy Saving Technologies Mayuge – Youth Empowerment Through Energy Saving Technologies


G-BAT Energy Saving Technologies Mayuge is a stove making company, empowering the youth with skills of making energy-saving stoves to create employment for the growing majority of unemployed youth and school drop outs in Mayuge district, Uganda. It was initiated by Batambuze Girisomu. The growing number of unemployed youth are [...]

Kenne Kuete Virginie, Chia Vivian – Livelihood Support and Empowerment of Marginalised Widows in Belo-Kom


Kenne Kuete Virginie is a passionate community leader, a long-time promoter of women's rights and the founder and coordinator of Open Arms Cameroon, an initiative that embraces the needs of the disadvantage marginalized poor in urban and rural communities in Cameroon. Her project "Livelihood Support and Empowerment of Marginalised Widows [...]

Harding Mac-Boima of Taia Development Programme (TDP) – 100 Rural Community Youths Empowerment Through Agricultural Corporative


This project empowers rural youth to reduce urban and global migration. The number of growing youth is alarming. It is therefore crucial to take empowerment into consideration for global peace and security. This project is to provide support to empower 100 indigenous rural youth who have organized into an agricultural [...]

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