Read about our most recent grantees from our East Africa Hub.

Women Development Centre (WODEC) – Eco-friendly re-usable sanitary pads


The Women Development Centre (East Africa) Ltd (WODEC) is a women-led social enterprise in Eldoret, Kenya, which has firmly positioned itself to engage in the development of quality sustainable feminine hygiene for all. We are dedicated to addressing Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM), in urban areas and slums. Why? Because MHM [...]

Mbusa Bahweribugha Eric – Installation of a 5,000 Litre rainwater harvesting tank on Kiburara Church of Uganda building


Malnutrition and anemia have been distinctly observed among children and pregnant mothers in the Kagando parish of Kisinga sub county, Uganda. Mr. Eric Mbusa Bahweribugha, along with the board of MUB - Home Foundation, will install a 5000 liter rainwater harvesting tank at the Kiburara Church of Uganda building. The [...]

Comprehensive Agriculture & Rural Development Initiatives (CARDI-Uganda) – Youth and Women in Agricultural Sustainability To Improve Livelihoods and Sustainable Natural Resources


Comprehensive Agriculture & Rural Development Initiatives (CARDI-Uganda) is a rural community based organization. It was established in 2008 by a group of community development volunteers and led by Jingo Joseph Nkumbi, an international youth worker and professional agronomist. CARDI-Uganda is working directly with rural poor and marginalized unskilled communities at [...]

Arbela Akwa – Kilifi Mobile Library


This project involves collecting books from Pwani University and transporting them to two primary schools in the remote outskirts of Kilifi, Kenya. The Kilifi Mobile Library team will collaborate with teachers to read books to children to encourage reading culture and train teacher-librarians on cataloguing, classification and preservation of information [...]

G-BAT Energy Saving Technologies Mayuge – Youth Empowerment Through Energy Saving Technologies


G-BAT Energy Saving Technologies Mayuge is a stove making company, empowering the youth with skills of making energy-saving stoves to create employment for the growing majority of unemployed youth and school drop outs in Mayuge district, Uganda. It was initiated by Batambuze Girisomu. The growing number of unemployed youth are [...]

Nyachwo Alibecca, Athieno Alice and Akello Teddy – Vegetable Growing using Drip Irrigation forPositive Mothers


Vegetable Growing Using Drip Irrigation for Positive Mothers is a community based project designed by women living with HIV, residing within 9 villages of Kisoko sub-county. The project is intended to create a sustainable income generation as well as improved nutrition for 30 women and families who are living with [...]

*Fabric of Life* Founder and Executive Director Daina Leigh, Director Silas Balabyekkubo, Mentor Charity Priscilla, Mentor Kebirungi Nina, and Leader Emilly Donia of the M-LISADA Foundation – Fabric of Life: My True Story Beyond Fashion


Fabric of Life (FOL) co-creates community fashion “maker-spaces” that nurture indigenous talent, catalyse fashion enterprises, and unlock community potential in East Africa. Africa has its own story to tell, and FOL has used its grassroots educational fashion platform to bring together a dynamic collective of organisations to help young people [...]

Henry Odunga Alobo – Composting Toilets for Ecological Sanitation Project


"Composting Toilets for Ecological Sanitation Project" is a project aimed at enhancing sanitary conditions and soil nutrient recovery in the Mundaya area of Kenya through an innovative and eco-sustainable way. This is a two year project will be implemented by a team of five young social innovators who have a [...]

Joseph Gogo – Radienya Community Water Project


The Joseph Gogo Radienya Community Water Project will provide clean drinking water for human consumption and drip irrigation for the school and community of Radienya in the drought prone area of Nyatike Sub District, Western Kenya. The project will reduce water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid, which [...]

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