Caroline Gichuhi, Classroom Construction



The Ark Children's home was founded by Caroline W. Gichuhi since 2008. We have been providing food, shelter and education to the orphans and vulnerable children since then. As the need grows more, classrooms have been a challenge . Education is vital tool to help us  build our communities and [...]

Katrina Sanford, Healing Revolution



Earth Pearl Collective is launching their flagship health initiative, "Healing Revolution," a health pop-up series to connect marginalized communities with their local creative and alternative healing practitioners. This is the brainchild of Clinical Psychologist Dr. Katrina Sanford and Sadiqua Iman, an artist, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Massage Therapist. "Healing Revolution" [...]

Jill Anderson, Otros Dreams en Acción Community Space in Mexico City



Otros Dreams an Acción (ODA) builds networks and opportunities for the mutual support and empowerment of deported youth in Mexico. This is an effort to create a community space in Mexico City where people can come together in the aftermath of deportation and trauma. We will buy up-cycled furniture (two [...]

Veronicah Mughogho, Good Sanitation For Proper Education



Good Sanitation For Proper Education is a project that aims to reduce the sanitary related barriers that hinder pupils at Mayembe Primary School in Rumphi, Malawi, to attain good education. The project intends to support and engage the local education committees to make a better school environment for pupils by providing proper sanitary facilities that will [...]

Blair Butterfield, Sunrise Community Garden to Market



Sunrise School of Miami has one of the most unique gardening programs that is fully integrated into the children's classrooms and homes by offering a complete garden to market initiative. The children learn throughout the program an appreciation of seed propagation, plant needs, soil building, pollinators, beneficial insects and general [...]

Aima Raza, Peace and Human Rights Education Pilot



Aima Raza is the co-founder of Peace Project Inc, and she believes that kids are never too young to learn about peace, mutual respect, and human rights. Through in-school workshops and projects, Peace Project Inc. helps fifth grade students connect to the stories of peacemakers that may go untold in [...]

André Ryuji Zampronio, Neighbourhood Music



André Ryuji Zampronio, Rafael Ferreira, Carolina Astolfo, Caroline Nascindin and Eduardo Carvalho are a group of passionate Education and Art students who fight for equal access to art. We believe music is a vital tool in helping people become part of their communities and developing as  future leaders and citizens [...]