The Alternative Roadmap – The Alternative Roadmap: Jeffco Public Schools pilot


The Alternative Roadmap project provides relatable coaching programs to low-income 16- to 24-year olds in Denver to improve self-efficacy, well-being, and career preparation for upward socioeconomic mobility. This project was created in August of 2016 by Elliot Zettas and Christian Carmody. The project team realized the lack of motivation and [...]

Northeast Earth Coalition, Environmental Initiatives Program – Crane Park Demonstration Garden


Crane Park Demonstration is a community effort supported by the township of Montclair, Northeast Earth Coalition (NEEC) and Montclair residents. Demonstration gardens are used in educational and recreational settings in open public spaces to demonstrate different approaches to gardening. The demonstration garden includes over 35 different species of native plants [...]

Idris Ola, Ife Taiwo-Bello, Aisha Amodu, Temitayo Efunbajo, Abaku Frida, Brenda Odamo, and Tawose-Adebayo Victor. – Women’s Cancer Control Project


The Women's Cancer Control Project is an initiative of the Women's Cancer Prevention and Support for African Society (WOCAPSS-Africa), a population health-based non-profit organization in Nigeria providing cancer prevention, control, and support services for African women. This project uses community-based strategy to combat cancer menace among African women with focus [...]

Angieh Ashu Tanjong Gavin – Community Road Maintenance Project


Community Road Maintenance Project is an initiative created by infrastructure development officer, Angieh-Ashu Tanjong Gavin, to form and empower road management committees among roadside communities around the Takamanda National park in Akwaya South West Region of Cameroon. Ever since the construction of earth roads in the project area in 2008, [...]

Samwel Nyapola Nyongesa – Improved stoves for renewable Energy and Good Health


Improved stoves for renewable energy project managed by Charles Juma involves the making of improved cook stoves and campaigns for reduced use of wood fuel and less labor requirement among women. The demand for wood fuel in Kakamega county is increasing as forests are being deforested in search of fire [...]

Collins Okoth Wereh – Agroforestry for Sustainable Land Use and Economic Empowerment.


This project targets smallholder farmers through community groups, allowing them to plant mostly native trees and various commercial viable crops such as groundnuts, beans, maize and upland rice that are subsequently sold through local grocery markets. While facilitating access to markets for its members, the enterprise also contributes to forest [...]

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