Maria Helguera, La Fábrica



La Fábrica provides a recreational and creative space in the Refugio neighborhood in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, México. La Fábrica will begin by facilitating small plots for members of the community to cultivate vegetables. The project will provide drip irrigation and will install automated greenhouses. It is also planned to [...]

Bryan Wright, They Done Gone Green Project



Bryan Ibrafall Wright is the President/CEO of the Council of Urban Development, an umbrella organization that supports other projects including the Black Urban Gardening Society (BUGS). BUGS works towards solving the problem of food sustainability in poor minority communities by teaching people to grow their own food. The organization wants [...]

Shea Norris, Sovereign Seeds & Starts



Sovereign Seeds & Starts is a student-led fundraising effort focused on providing traditional and organic heirloom indigenous seeds and starts from all across Indian country and South and Central America to the Bay Area community through venues such as Pow Wows, community events, and farmers markets. The gardening and planting [...]

Susannah Blumenstock, Momentum



As a long-time fitness instructor, Susannah Blumenstock has always known how passionate and loving her community is, but she noticed that sometimes that passion didn't have an outlet. She founded Momentum to create a hub for information on studios who are doing charitable work, and to support and promote fitness [...]

Susan Rancourt, Into the Light Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. Website Design



Based primarily in Portola Valley, California and headed by Reneit Opperman, Into the Light Horse Rescue and Sanctuary has one mission: to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and/or provide sanctuary to slaughter-bound horses. The project advocates for horses who come from equine feedlots, have been abandoned, neglected and/or abused. These horses, often [...]

Davidson County Transitional Services, SEC2ND Chance Outreach



Sec2ND Chance is a Community Outreach Re-Entry & Recidivism Program developed under the leadership of Dr M Fay Ashworth, an ex-offender many years ago. Influenced by the growing social needs of the community, the Chief Executive Director responded by developing the Sec2ND Chance Community Outreach, which provides evidence-based programs to [...]

Shanelle Gordon, United Mentoring



Shanelle Gordon, a Brown University graduate, founded United Mentoring in Miami, Florida to help students of color and first-generation college applicants in the college admissions process. She started the program at her high school alma mater to fill a need in a community that she belongs to, as these populations [...]

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