Paul Okot – Christ the King Vegetable Garden


“Christ the King Vegetable Demonstration project” aims to support a sustainable livelihood through planting vegetables for vulnerable elders, orphans, widows and sick that come to the parish seeking assistance. Through this project, those who reach out for assistance will be empowered to volunteer and support the farming and harvest of [...]

Neidy Lucio Contreras – Casa Colibri’s rainwater harvesting project


The Casa Colibrí's rainwater harvesting project consists of the design and installation of a rainwater harvesting system in order to supply the resource to a community orchard located in Hostotipaquillo, Jalisco, México. The orchard is worked by a group of women and men who are facing challenging situations. Through this [...]

Madeleine Bair – El Tímpano


"El Tímpano" project (Spanish for “eardrum”) aims to engage and support Oakland's Latino immigrants through a reporting initiative that will bring conversation to surface and amplify their voices on local and national affairs, and provide information relevant to their concerns. The project engages collaboration with grassroots organizations, artists, and community [...]

Tariq Tarey and Amanda Erin – dis[place]d: seeking refuge


"dis[place]d: seeking refuge" is a two-part project that hopes to build empathy and understanding of and between two communities that have little contact: refugees and rural people, specifically in Tuscarawas County, Ohio -- the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The project launched with an exhibit that showcased simple and humanizing [...]

RESPECT Begins when the VIOLENCE Ends – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


The R.E.S.P.E.C.T. initiative is a community outreach program to combat teen violence and promote youth empowerment. The program provides underprivileged youth behavioral techniques and interventions to reduce the occurrence of violent behaviors. Through “Violence Awareness”, youth will be able to make alternative choices while living up to the program’s motto [...]

Tah Kennette, Tata Charity, Vera Nongey – Oku Children’s Education and Welfare Empowerment Center


The “Oku Children’s Education and Welfare Empowerment Center (CEWEC)” project aims to offer educational and social support to vulnerable children and their peers in Oku. Through this project, 65 children will be directly and indirectly supported with educational activities and resources. This project strives to create a center to bring [...]

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