California – Youth Rising

In partnership with California Endowment, we are honored to provide seed funding to projects that support Youth in California.
Here are the inspiring projects we have funded!

Fatima Yousuf – Stories for a Future


Stories for a Future is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Milpitas, California, founded by Fatima Yousuf that works to improve the literacy and educational access of underprivileged children. Through various projects, including holding book drives, setting up Little Libraries, running summer literacy programs, and offering new backpacks and school [...]

Keshy Jeong, Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective – Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective


The Los Angeles Worm Farm Collective (LAWFC) is a small business that produces worm castings and worm tea out of local community waste for use as nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner for organizations and lay gardeners. LAWFC is cooperatively owned and collectively governed, aiming to contribute to the movement [...]

WAGE ART – Self-Love Portrait Project


The Self-Love Portrait Project centers around a series of Circulo styled workshops where project organizers aim to build awareness about how toxic masculinity and femininity impacts their ability to practice self-love, while also providing young people with an opportunity to be featured in a WAGE ART gallery installation about self-love [...]

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