Emma Umiko Pedersen, Getting Real – Sex Ed for Youth

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Getting Real- Sex Ed for Youth is a youth-led project that includes a website and classes on topics related to sexual education. This project was started because many states don't require sexual education or if they do, they don't require the information to be correct. Emma is doing this with [...]

Stanley D. Pomichter III, Elix Incubator

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Elix Incubator is California's first social impact incubator for teen entrepreneurs. Founded by a group of high school students (Isabella Liu, Stash Pomichter, Andrew Yates, Haley Catton, and Brendon Wright), Elix works to promote positive teen driven change by seeding and incubating teen-led social enterprises. In doing so, Elix hopes [...]

Akosua Bema Boateng, Project G.O.O.D – Growing Our Own Destiny

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An acronym for growing our own destiny. We use urban agriculture to transform the hood for good by growing good food, ourselves and the community. We are located in South Oak Park, Sacramento, and use 1 acre of land and a community room and garden at Fruitridge Elementary to promote [...]

Sarah Vera Wrinkle, A Lack Of Silence, A Plethora Of Noise

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A Lack Of Silence, A Plethora Of Noise is a stage show that promotes activism among youth. It uses performance art to tell the stories of people currently under the age of 18 who have been silenced or systematically oppressed in history. As youth, we are often silenced because of [...]

Maya Lin-Bronner, Constructing Queer Bodies And Gender In Art

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In collaboration with Gender Illumination, a queer education and advocacy group, Maya Lin-Bronner presents "Constructing Queer Bodies and Gender in Art," a workshop held in the Bay Area. It's not always the case that non-cis and gender non-conforming people can come to talk candidly about the way they feel about [...]

Brenda Verano, Youth in Action Los Angeles

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The Youth in Action project will take place in Los Angeles and will serve youth from all over L.A (South central, Boyle Heights,& Lincoln Heights). This project started as an idea for the incorporation of solidarity between youth in these hard times, where youth are transforming into warriors and bold individuals. [...]