California – Youth Rising

In partnership with California Endowment, we are honored to provide seed funding to projects that support Youth in California.
Here are the inspiring projects we have funded!

Shane Lassiter – Ataraxia


Shane Lassiter's Ataraxia project is a multi-media artist showcase that will allow local artists in different cities to build community and support one another, while improving skills such as event curation and performing arts. Ataraxia, which means being in a state of serene calmness, will take place in several different [...]

Michael Chapman working with Congregations Organizing For Renewal (COR) and Residents Insisting on Social Equity – One Community, One Voice


Michael Chapman, A San Francisco Bay Area native grassroots community organizer, is the founder of the project, Storytelling: Voicing The Needs of the Community in South Alameda County (Hayward, Union City, Fremont). Storytelling is a multi-media project that will lift up the voices of youth and families demanding equitable policy [...]

James Green – FixMyKix


James Green is the founder of FixMyKix, a project located in Oakland, California. FixmyKix builds awareness of (and a marketplace app for) the service of sneaker restoration and customization to promote artistic entrepreneurship amongst low-income young people, and to reduce sneaker waste in our landfills. Although the actual FixmyKkix app [...]

KARE Collective – SELF-KARE


SELF-KARE is project created by educator, Yeshahyah Yisrael of KARE Collective to provide a safe, vulnerable space for community members of all ages to learn a hands-on approach to self-care. SELF-KARE uses food, music, and art to answer questions surrounding the importance of self-care and introduces ancestral and contemporary methods [...]

Project Beanstalk – Project Beanstalk


Project Beanstalk is a social enterprise that was created to improve the diversity in the gaming industry. Based in Oakland, the project was founded by Isaiah Johnson along with the most fantastic, dedicated, and creative team of developers and designers. This team includes programmer Zachary Dorcinville, lead artist Leonardo Leon, [...]

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