Caressa Nguyen, Sacred hands, Native lands



Sacred Lands, Native Hands creates a bridge between the holders of indigenous knowledge and the current landholders to return the wisdom of stewardship to its proper place: the forests, grasslands, and living water bodies of our planet. Sacred Lands, Native Hands connects holders of indigenous knowledge directly to current landholders [...]

Vida Bonilla, Blooming Expressions Brujx School



Blooming Expressions came together as a collective in response to the lack of healthy food and alternative medicine options in our communities. It is a collaboration of young community organizers in San Francisco with the mission to provide sustainable solutions to the public in order to improve community health. Through urban [...]

Josue Rendon and America Sanchez, Youth Outreach for “FriYays”



As UrbanLife Southeast High School students, we been planning monthly events for youth in the neighborhood- a low-income, urban area. We have chosen themes for the next few months to promote awareness among their peers: February was #Blacklivesmatter and #schoolsnotprisons, March was "Inequality and poverty in the 'hood'", April is [...]

Thao Le, Ba Trieu School of Consciousness

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The Ba Trieu School of Consciousness is an intensive youth leadership development program in San Jose, CA for Vietnamese / Vietnamese-American high school youth who see a need to enact change in their local communities. Participants will experience group exercises and engage in self-reflective conversations centered on racial and ethnic [...]

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