Arts & Culture Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Arts & Culture project from a Pollination Project grant.

Jasmine Fuego & Abrah Dresdale – Regenerative Design For Change Makers


The Regenerative Design for Change Makers (RDCM) training in Oakland, California, facilitated by social permaculture teachers and performance artists uses the regenerative design process, mindfulness techniques, and artistic ritual to support the development of change making projects within a 'Social Design Lab.' Through this project, a curated group of participants, [...]

Black History 101 Mobile Museum – 5th Element Collectors and Curators Society


The 5th Element Collectors and Curators Society is the first educational outreach initiative of the Black History 101 Mobile Museum. In the summer of 2018, Black History 101 Mobile Museum founder Khalid el-Hakim will facilitate a series of workshops for high school students in the city of Kalamazoo, MI focusing on the various things students collect.

Ray Guzman – Viko Nùù Nduva Oaxaqueño Festivities


Oaxaqueños are known to work in the agriculture industry but they are not known for their artistic side. The most important goal for this exhibition is to empower the youth, and to teach them the values of our culture and to show the elders that we have not forgotten where we come from even if we are in another country.

Maya Diaz-Villalta – Naturalmente Indigena


 Naturalmente Indigena is a youth-led project that aims to organize activities to maintain our connection to Mother Earth, indigenous ceremony, and promoting advocacy and awareness of environmental and indigenous causes. Naturalmente Indigena's goal is to have children of color connect with their culture and environment, and encourage higher education.

Kelsey Crowe Ph.D. and Tracy Mulholland – Empathy Short Film


The organization Help Each Other Out will create a short film about empathy intended for wide online distribution. Based on Dr. Crowe's acclaimed Empathy Bootcamps and book There Is No Good Card for This, co-authored with Emily McDowell, the film will display what it really takes to offer empathy in times of suffering.

Eman Kpon, Samuel – Support Rehabilitation Project


“Samuel's Support Rehabilitation Project” aims to train physically challenged individuals to learn how to create African hand-made arts in Ganta, Liberia. Through this project, physically challenge individuals will learn how to create African made bags, baskets, and wooden crafts. The project strives to help individuals stay engaged, involved, and committed [...]

Yusuf bakari kea – Tungo arts group – Wamakatandale


The Wamakatandale project empowers the community to come together through music, skits, play and entertainment through live performances. The project aims to build up the community through these performances produced by the children of the Wamakata and Watandale communities. Through this project, the youth and community will be empowered to [...]

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