Arts & Culture Projects

Read about grantees who have received funding for their Arts & Culture project from a Pollination Project grant.

Caressa Nguyen, Sacred hands, Native lands



Sacred Lands, Native Hands creates a bridge between the holders of indigenous knowledge and the current landholders to return the wisdom of stewardship to its proper place: the forests, grasslands, and living water bodies of our planet. Sacred Lands, Native Hands connects holders of indigenous knowledge directly to current landholders [...]

Josue Rendon and America Sanchez – Transformed People, Transformed Neighborhoods



We are co-leaders at UrbanLife Southeast High School. We are planning monthly events for youth in the neighborhood- a low-income, urban area.  We are planning a series of monthly youth-led gatherings that foster racial reconciliation, a deeper understanding of systemic injustice, and a safe space to discuss ways to resist [...]

André Ryuji Zampronio, Neighbourhood Music



André Ryuji Zampronio, Rafael Ferreira, Carolina Astolfo, Caroline Nascindin and Eduardo Carvalho are a group of passionate Education and Art students fighting for equal access to art. They believe music is a vital tool in helping people become part of their communities and developing as  future leaders and citizens of [...]

Thao Le, Ba Trieu School of Consciousness

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The Ba Trieu School of Consciousness is an intensive youth leadership development program in San Jose, CA for Vietnamese / Vietnamese-American high school youth who see a need to enact change in their local communities. Participants will experience group exercises and engage in self-reflective conversations centered on racial and ethnic [...]

Nicole Vazquez, No Human Is Illegal Mural

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Nicole Vazquez will be working on a mural project in the Beach Flats Community in Santa Cruz, CA. Her mural will include images and text that was not approved for a City mural she was working on, particularly the phrase "No Human is Illegal." Nicole says: "I am promoting my [...]

Ahuizotl Rodriguez, Semillas Spring Catalog 2017



Ahuitzotl Ichcahuipilli is a member of the student council at Anahuakalmecac International Preparatory High School of North America located in El Sereno, a community in northeast Los Angeles. Ahuitzotl started the project Semillas Spring Catalog 2017 which will help him to silkscreen his native inspired designs onto clothing such as [...]

Gerald Warbritton, Xitleco Collectivo: Native Language Preservation

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The Xitleco Colectivo is an organization that focuses on the preservation of Native American languages. This program provides various resources to children & teens, educating and enabling them to get in touch with their ancestry. The first language of focus is Nahuatl, spoken on the Western Hemisphere pre-colonization. Historically, this [...]

David Baron, Clever Kids Foundation

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The Clever Kids Foundation is a Baltimore, MD based nonprofit whose mission is to engage and support the creativity and exploration of innovative ideas amongst elementary-aged students. Through educational workshops, public services events and mini-grant opportunities, it provides students the opportunity to enhance their creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills, while [...]

Margaret Elizabeth Akin, All-Californian Oratory Resource Network

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Language documentation by the people, for the people! All-Californian Oratory Resource Network (Acorn) is a new approach to Native Californian language revitalization envisioned by Emmy Akin, in collaboration with Joanne Torres & Desirae Harp (Mishewal Wappo), Sky Road Webb (Coastal Miwok), Kanyon Sayers-Roods (Ohlone), Jerod Ward (Winnemem Wintu), and Diego [...]

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