Impact Grants for Animal Advocacy

In partnership with A Well Fed World, we made the following grants to some of our most successful and promising animal advocacy projects around the world.

Francois Primeau/ Ezooterik Productions – The Age of Beasts: a film about cruelty and compassion


"The Age of Beasts: a film about cruelty and compassion" examines the paradoxes that come to light when we consider that certain species find their way to our hearts and others to our plate. This feature documentary probes the deep bond we have with our pets and highlights the work of people who are devoted to protecting animals.

Karen Fiorito and Alex Arinsberg – Got Drought?


‘Got Drought?’ is a billboard and social media campaign that raises awareness about how animal agriculture wastes water, pollutes the environment and contributes to climate change. This project utilizes visual graphics, social media, and interactive website and billboards to educate people about the effects of animal agriculture on our environment.

The Vegetarian Society of El Paso (VSEP) Jennifer Wright, Liz Walsh – Training the Chefs


Training the Chefs is a project of the Vegetarian Society of El Paso to veganize El Paso. This project will host an educational workshop for local chefs (from restaurants, school lunch programs, a culinary program at the community college, hospitals, and assisted living facilities) on the benefits of a vegan diet so that they can add tasty, hearty, and healthy vegan options to their menus.

CompassionWorks International – CompassionWorks International’s Go Vegan Initiative


CompassionWorks International's Go Vegan initiative will focus vegan messaging on our local area of Las Vegas. We will use vegan messaging that is direct, but friendly, to focus on the many benefits that going vegan offers and will couple that with strong, effective, eye-catching design in an effort to save more farmed animals from unnecessary suffering.

Kindred Spirits Care Farm – From killing to caring – butchery room becomes animal clinic


Kindred Spirits Care Farm is an organization that aims to share the understanding that every sentient being is entitled to respect and empathy, and that violence against one is violence against all. This project connects abused, neglected and abandoned people with rescued farm animals in a sanctuary setting to let them heal each other.

Little Oak Sanctuary – Planting Seeds of Compassion


Our project, Planting Seeds of Compassion, aims to produce an education program that taps into children's natural sense of compassion for animals. Framed around empathy, and informed by our experience creating the Be-The-Change booklets, our project will tie in with the Australian school curriculum making it a valuable tool for schools.

Kindred Spirits Care Farm, the Teaching Circle, Impact Grant 2016


We are going to build a Teaching Circle at the center of our organic garden mandala. This Teaching Circle will be a ring-shaped wooden planter with benches and overhead shade to make learners comfortable while they learn about plant based diets, the joys of growing food and how farm animals are friends, therapists, and individuals, not food. This grant will buy the materials to create this Teaching Circle, and with it we will be able to help people see, smell, taste and fully experience the truth we teach. This Teaching Circle will help change lives and we are very grateful.

Kate Luke, Be The Change Booklets, Impact Grant 2016


We are creating a series of booklets. The booklets tell the story of a particular resident of Little Oak Sanctuary, providing an opportunity for the reader to identify with that animal as an individual. Information is then provided about the issues that face those animals and further information on how people can BE THE CHANGE for that animal - ie what changes one can implement in ones life that will help that species. We have produced a booklet on Pigs, Dairy Cows, and Sheep and this impact grant will allow us to produce a booklet on Poultry and Horses.

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