Impact Grants for Animal Advocacy

In partnership with A Well Fed World, we made the following grants to some of our most successful and promising animal advocacy projects around the world.

Kindred Spirits Care Farm, the Teaching Circle, Impact Grant 2016


We are going to build a Teaching Circle at the center of our organic garden mandala. This Teaching Circle will be a ring-shaped wooden planter with benches and overhead shade to make learners comfortable while they learn about plant based diets, the joys of growing food and how farm animals are friends, therapists, and individuals, not food. This grant will buy the materials to create this Teaching Circle, and with it we will be able to help people see, smell, taste and fully experience the truth we teach. This Teaching Circle will help change lives and we are very grateful.

Kate Luke, Be The Change Booklets, Impact Grant 2016


We are creating a series of booklets. The booklets tell the story of a particular resident of Little Oak Sanctuary, providing an opportunity for the reader to identify with that animal as an individual. Information is then provided about the issues that face those animals and further information on how people can BE THE CHANGE for that animal - ie what changes one can implement in ones life that will help that species. We have produced a booklet on Pigs, Dairy Cows, and Sheep and this impact grant will allow us to produce a booklet on Poultry and Horses.

Janine Roberts, Ukama Community Foundation NPC, Impact Grant 2016


The Ukama Community Foundation currently feeds 120 children per day with wholesome nutritious home cooked meals. Kids in feeding scheme are from Vrygrond, one of the poorest townships in South Africa. Along with the community leaders this enables children to develop early childhood learning and nutrition in order to give them a better start in life. In 2017 we will be increasing our outreach to almost 200 children. The work we are doing in this community is enabling feeding, nutrition, support and development of children who come from families living on around $2 per day.

Aneeha Patwardhan, Eyes Wide Open, Impact Grant 2016


Eyes Wide Open is a community outreach project that aims to expose the suffering of farmed animals in India, and encourage people to adopt a vegan lifestyle. The funds will be used to purchase video screening equipment which will be used to screen four minute films based on undercover investigations of slaughterhouses and dairies, thus sensitizing viewers about reducing their consumption of animal products.

Dobroslawa Gogloza, Vegan Ukraine, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Dobroslawa Gogloza Project Name: Vegan Ukraine Grant Location: Warszawa, Poland Funding Partner: A Well Fed World Project Description: My plan is to organize a series of trainings for animal rights activists in Ukraine and to make the links between Polish and Ukrainian activists stronger. I hope that in the future we can [...]

Michelle Carrera, Chilis on Wheels TheVTeamTour, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Michelle Carrera Project Name: Chilis on Wheels TheVTeamTour Grant Location: New York, New York Funding Partner: A Well Fed World Project Description: Chilis on Wheels, a vegan soup kitchen is launching The V Team Tour, which consists of our Founders, Michelle and Ollie (and their two dogs) as they travel throughout [...]

Cheryl Miller, The 46 Million Turkeys Project, Impact Grant 2016


The 46 Million Turkeys Project creates awareness—through creative and fun community participation—of the staggering number of animals killed for a single Thanksgiving day in the United States. Participants are invited to “the table” to help create a mini-portrait for every single bird (an estimated 46 million) raised and killed to be eaten on a single holiday. TPP impact grant funds will be used to bring the current collection (comprised of more than 28 million turkey portraits), as well as the opportunity to participate, to a wider audience in 2017 with the goal of sharing love for turkeys as unique individuals.

Elizabeth Stevens, Serengeti Human and Wildlife Care Project, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Elizabeth Stevens Project Name: Serengeti Human and Wildlife Care Project Grant Location: Bunda district, Tanzania Funding Partner: A Well Fed World Project Description:  The Serengeti Human and Wildlife project will produce Wood Efficient Stoves to save trees since the stoves use less wood, they also issue less smoke and so reduce carbon [...]

Karen Fiorito, Got Drought?, Impact Grant 2016


Got Drought? is a public art project and social media campaign aimed at raising people’s awareness about how much water it takes to produce meat and dairy as opposed to a plant-based diet. Los Angeles-based artists Karen Fiorito and Alex Arinsberg teamed together to design and implement a series of billboards about the relationship between water, pollution and diet, with an emphasis on the drought in California. Funds from this grant will be used to continue the recycling of these billboards to different cities in California and/or a digital billboard campaign.

Carolyn Mullin, Animal Protection: An American Movement, Impact Grant 2016


Impact Grant funds will help us offset the costs of fabricating our permanent exhibit, Animal Protection: An American Movement, which will be on view for the next 5 years in our museum. In introduces visitors to all the key animal issues/campaigns, the historical and contemporary trajectory of the movement, and inspires them to find their place in this important social justice cause.

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