Every winter, we provide second grants of up to $5000 to previously-funded projects with a proven track record of success.
In 2016, we gave $147,000 in Impact Grant funds to the following projects.

Edelson Dulang, Continuity and expansion of Mobilizing Youth for Environmental Protection, Rehabilitation and Conservation, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Edelson Dulang Project Name: Continuity and expansion of Mobilizing Youth for Environmental Protection, Rehabilitation and Conservation Grant Location: Barangay, Pigcarangan, Tubod, Philippines Funding Partner: Levi Strauss & Co. Project Description: This project is intended to contribute in the conservation, protection, and rehabilitation of our Mangrove Forest in our community in order to create [...]

Maria Maneos, Brush With the Law, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Maria Maneos Project Name: Brush With the Law Grant Location: Norristown, Pennsylvania Funding Partner: Our 2016 Crowdfunding Donors Project Description: The funds from this grant will be used on materials and supplies necessary to paint murals and/or visually creative projects within the city of Norristown, PA - an impoverished suburb of [...]

LaKieya Patterson, Building Blocks 4 Families, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: LaKieya Patterson Project Name: Building Blocks 4 Families Grant Location: Los Angeles, California Funding Partner: Alan Fox Project Description: Building Blocks 4 Families is an innovative program which focuses on family-centered supportive services to increase family reunification rates among multi-ethnic groups in the Los Angeles. Building Blocks 4 Families will utilize [...]

Kehli Berry, 1 Shine Youth Services, Impact Grant 2016


1-Shine Youth & Community Services (1Shine) is a comprehensive multi-service community based organization that deals with the development and cultivation of youth and teens in within South Bay cities such as: Compton, Long Beach, and surrounding cities. 1Shine provides youth and adolescents of with educational, leadership, and performing arts programming that engages students in enriching activities designed to prepare them for academic success and positive personal development. 1 Shine Youth Services will use this grant to purchase performing arts equipment for the youth and teens as well as renew the websites for our organization.

Tracey Glover,Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings (“ARC”), Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Tracey Glover Project Name: Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings ("ARC") Grant Location: Mobile, Alabama Funding Partner: A Well Fed World Project Description: In the coming year, ARC will continue our work of helping create a more just and compassionate world for all beings by growing our local animal [...]

Elizabeth Tyson, Youth for Change – The Palestinian Animal League, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Elizabeth Tyson Project Name: Youth for Change - The Palestinian Animal League Grant Location: Abu Dis (Jerusalem), Birzeit (Ramallah), Bethlehem, Tul, Palestine Funding Partner: A Well Fed World Project Description: The “Youth for Change” Programme, established between the Palestinian Animal League (PAL) and three universities in the West Bank, began work in March 2015. [...]

Lauren Vining, Pink Elephant International, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Lauren Vining Project Name: Pink Elephant International Grant Location: Nakuru, Kenya Funding Partner:  Our 2016 Crowdfunding Donors Project Description: Millions of teachers around the world teach in isolation, without access to practical instructional resources, professional collaboration, and ongoing development of skill. Without these three vital components of instruction, access to [...]

Alex Omondi, Child Destiny Foundation, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Alex Omondi Project Name: Child Destiny Foundation Grant Location: Nairobi, Kenya Funding Partner:  Our 2016 Crowdfunding Donors Project Description: Child Destiny Foundation is a local Kenyan non-profit-making organization, founded in 2012. With the impact grant funding-the organization will execute its agribusiness plan of urban farming initiative for commercial purposes to boost [...]

Lisa Kemmerer, Making the most of What has been Done, Impact Grant 2016


Grantee Name: Lisa Kemmerer Project Name: Making the most of What has been Done Grant Location: Global Funding Partner:  A Well Fed World Project Description: Lisa Kemmerer is a philosopher-activist, teacher, and author who has been working against oppression, whether on behalf of nonhuman animals, the environment, or disempowered human beings, for [...]

Christopher Kennedy, Living Soil Saves Lives, Impact Grant 2016


The Living Soil Saves Lives Project is a grassroots initiative to educate and empower at-risk Indian farmers on soil biology and agroecological farming systems. With TPP’s support, we will be able to establish 2 soil labs in Central India, educate hundreds of subsistence farmers and begin to document their progress as they transition from chemical to organic farming methods.

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