These 38 grantees received additional year-end funding of up to $5000 each in support of their expansion in 2016. Congratulations to all!

Zachary Lager, Access to Water and Community Reforestation Project (2015 Impact Grant)


Zachary Lager has lived in Mozambique for the past 5 years. Working alongside community members, he identified lack of access to clean water and deforestation as two major issues facing the community. His organization LCDN focuses on a two-pronged approach of drilling boreholes and then using them to cultivate tree [...]

Thenmozhi Soundararajan, #dalitwomenfight (2015 Impact Grant)


Thenmozhi Soundararajan, a Dalit-American artist, is using film and media to bring to light the violence suffered by Dalit women under the caste system. Working in support of Dalit activists in India, #dalitwomenfight has attracted a social media following in the tens of thousands. Thenmozhi is currently editing her film, and hopes that [...]

Teresa Njoroge, Clean Start Solutions (2015 Impact Grant)


After former banker Teresa Njoroge spent time in prison for a crime she did not commit, she became determined to help empower the women that she met while incarcerated. Teresa was inspired to start a social enterprise, Clean Start Solutions, to provide these women with employment opportunities and the ability to move on [...]

Sitawa Wafula, Mental Wellness Training Program (2015 Impact Grant)


Sitawa Wafula is a mental health advocate in Nairobi, Kenya. Bravely sharing her own experiences with mental health problems and epilepsy, Sitawa has established training programs to help young people speak out about their mental health conditions, and to raise the profile of these issues in Kenya. In 2014, she launched the first [...]

Peterson Obusuru, Impact Integrated Humane Education (2015 Impact Grant)


In Kenya, the treatment of donkeys can easily be considered "inhumane." Donkeys carry heavy loads all day in the sun without food or water, and then are beaten profusely when they get tired. Peterson Obusuru’s project brings humane education to children in Narok county, Kenya through school based kindness clubs. He also trains [...]

Naomi Mwaura, Flone Initiative (2015 Impact Grant)


After witnessing the high levels of sexual violence and harassment suffered by women using public transport in Kenya, Naomi Mwaura came up with a brilliant solution - recruiting men working in the transport industry as allies and advocates for women's rights. Since that revelation, Naomi's organization, Flone Initiative, has trained over 270 men, [...]

Michelle Carrera, Chilis on Wheels (2015 Impact Grant)


Chilis on Wheels (COW) distributes vegan chili to people in need of a warm meal. They offer Emergency Food Distribution, Vegan Emergency Dog Food Distribution, Vegan Education, and Youth Engagement through volunteer-run chapters in NYC, San Diego, Portland, Denver, and Puerto Rico. Working with youth volunteers, they distribute food to [...]

Mary-Justine Todd, Women’s Crisis Care International (2015 Impact Grant)


Among the first of its kind in the region, Women's Crisis Care International in Bahrain is a vital center providing crisis services to women facing violence. Coordinated by Mary-Justine Todd, WCCI provides direct counseling and advocacy services to women in crisis, while also developing programming to help schools, hospitals, and other institutions develop the [...]

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