Peace: Let it Begin With Me

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Changemaker Of The Week

“An enemy is one whose story we have not heard.” 

These inspiring words from a recent application capture the spirit of an exciting new effort blossoming here at The Pollination Project.

This week’s “Changemaker of the Week” is not about just one person, but a group of thirteen unique projects around the world that have a common thread: building peace. 

Last year, The Pollination Project entered into a special partnership with the Euphrates Institute. The Euphrates Institute was founded by Janessa Gans Wilder, a former CIA agent whose experiences led her to create an organization that would inspire humanity to choose peace.

This year, the Euphrates team launched a global Peace Practice Alliance that holds space for emerging peacebuilders to deeply connect, learn, reflect, and gain resources and certification with similarly visionary leaders around the world to further their peace leadership practices. In partnership with The Pollination Project, participants were also eligible to apply for seed funding to support projects that offered opportunities for embodied engagement with peacebuilding. 

We are pleased to announce seed funding for 13 beautiful, heart-centered applications remarkable in their intention and in their alignment with The Pollination Project. 

Those awarded seed funding include: 

Ahmad Shah Karimi, whose project offers Afghan youth tools for peacemaking (yoga, meditation, music, storytelling, sharing meals) as well as personal transformation and healing;

Rebecca Hoskyn, an American building a virtual cross-cultural exchange program for young people;

Farah Naj Jahan, who works in Bangladesh to encourage interfaith dialogue and uplift female religious leaders in the peace-building process;

James Offuh, who is creating safe spaces on the Ivory Coast focused on “listening to learn” strategies and sustained dialogue events that dignify both the speaker and listener;

Fuhbang Emmanuel Tanifrum, who is working in Cameroon with internally displaced youths vulnerable to violence on personal, interpersonal, community & global peace practices;

Maria Nalumansi, whose project in Uganda builds community coalitions to prevent domestic violence and support victims;  

Martin Lukanga, whose focus is to discourage electoral violence and promote peaceful elections in Uganda;

Kirya Isaac, who is building a Ugandan collaborative of therapists and community social workers to help veterans process trauma from conflict;

Hudson Semyano, whose outreach in a refugee camp in Uganda brings the lessons from the Peace Practice Alliance to inspire others to practice peace & oneness;

Victor Garpulee of Liberia, whose project hosts intercultural youth dialogue events & outreach that showcase non-violent communication strategies;

Jeremia Makula of Tanzania, who is offering weekly peacebuilding classes for children and trainings for people around them;

Shabana Anwar, who is working to build educational equity through curriculum design for vulnerable children, along with training opportunities for teachers and administrators in India;

Nicholas Lee, whose work in Liberia will build self-sufficiency & inner transformation for vulnerable women & girls.

To learn more about the Euphrates Institute, visit euphrates.org.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth