Kathryn Tucker

Uganda Community Gender Empowerment Project, 2013 Grantee

Donate (so we can pay it forward)

Thank you for starting your daily generosity practice!
You were gifted your daily giving bank by a daily giver before you.

Thank you for making a donation back to the Pollination Project so that the next person who requests a daily giving bank can receive one, and the program can continue.

How much should you donate?

It is up to you. Give what you can. Give what your heart tells you. The bank has no price tag. It represents an unspoken relationship between you and the next person in line who wants to be gifted with a bank and start their own daily giving practice.

To keep your gift in motion, you can make a tax deductible (in the US) donation of any amount via our account at Paypal. Your gift is tax deductible and paypal will send you a receipt.

Jacqueline Way, 365give

The Team of 365 Give, 2014 Grantees

Thank you again for taking on this transformational practice.

We hope it brings you joy and abundance in your life.

Please remember to share photos and stories using #dailygiving or tag us on Facebook or Twitter. Each story of daily giving allows more people to engage in this conversation. So each story becomes part of the gift too!