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Our Grantees Are Awesome

From Atlanta to Nairobi, Bogota to Chennai, we fund startup projects in every corner of the globe. We are proud to offer Pollination Project seed grants to these individuals and grassroots groups who are making their communities and the world a better place for all.

Teammates for Life – Sporting Community Outreach Project

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September 2019

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We Support Multiple Funding Areas

Animal Rights
Arts & Culture
Health & Wellness
Human Rights
Kindness & Generosity
Schools & Education
Economic Empowerment
Environmental Sustainability
Leadership Development

Women Leadership Development Program

The Women Empowerment program is a community platform that empowers Afghan women through their leadership learning center. The two-week learning program happens in Jalalabad, Behsood, Surkhood, and Karma districts of the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. The summit will be a life-challenging experience to both male and female students in the region, which will foster their life-long [...]


Tree is Life – Tree Planting

The Tree Planting project is designed by John Mabula to sensitize his community and fellow Tanzanians about environmental conservation, tree planting, and a clean environment. This work includes sensitizing and training individuals on how to plant, grow, and protect trees in Ruvu, North Forest Reserve, Tanzania. John will recruit community volunteers, student groups, specialized organizations, and [...]


Peter Adeeko – War Widows Development Scheme

Soulace Africa War Widows Development Scheme is a community based veterans widow's empowerment initiative in Ibadan, Nigeria. This program is designed to advocate for social inclusion, sustainable income generation, and decent employment of veterans widow's in the community.


Community Outreach for Educational Change – Rural Education and Literacy (REL) Project

The Rural Education and Literacy (REL) Project is an initiative of community Outreach for Educational Change (COEC), a non-profit organization founded by long time professional teacher; Swanta Blessing Bonat. COEC’s work is aimed at influencing the educational processes for improved outcomes, especially for children in rural and low-income households who are at the mercies of a [...]


Aliu Oluwafemi Royal – MyFarmbase AgriTech Lab

MyFarmbase AgriTech Lab is a 2-day class and field immersive training session is hosted in Lagos, Nigeria, which unearths the opportunities using technology in agribusiness and how youths can leverage them to create sustainable income for themselves. The training will embrace role plays, scenario building, and real-life use cases. It is designed to be as enlightening [...]


Open Cages UK – Stand With Chickens – #StandWithChickens

Open Cages UK inspire people to stand up for farm animals who are treated cruelly and literally cannot stand up for themselves. According to recent studies, chickens show empathy and use long-term memory to solve problems and build relationships. Even knowing this information, each year over one billion chickens in the UK endure severe pain and [...]


Association for Community Awareness – Clean Coastal Area for Sustainable Development in Cameroon

The Clean Coastal Area for Sustainable Development in Cameroon project aims at cleaning, sorting, and documenting waste collected from the beach area of Limbe, Southwest, Cameroon while creating awareness on the hazards of environmental pollution and serving as an eye-opener for other civil society organization. This initiative is part of the Association for Community Awareness - [...]


Ada Acobta, Azah Abanda, C. Onya, F. Lydia – Beat the Bottle

Beat the Bottle is an initiative aimed at tackling the problem of plastic pollution in communities in and around the city of Buea, South West, Cameroon. Through education and awareness raising about the harmful effects of plastic waste pollution, the project will organize local communities to take an active role in waste collection and management. Households [...]


Justin Mupundu – Green & Clean Justin

Green & Clean Justin is a project created by Zambian based environmental advocate and journalist, Justin Mupundu. This work is based on the innovative conservation approach based on the sustainable green jobs known as Green Rangers. The project will empower local communities, handing over responsibilities related to conservation to the local communities with a privilege system [...]

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