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From Atlanta to Nairobi, Bogota to Chennai, we fund startup projects in every corner of the globe. We are proud to offer Pollination Project seed grants to these individuals and grassroots groups who are making their communities and the world a better place for all.

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Social Shift

Social Shift invests in the social and creative development of teens who live in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Detroit Public School Community District has lost approximately $6.5 million under Public Act 8 and [...]

We Support Multiple Funding Areas

Animal Rights
Arts & Culture
Health & Wellness
Human Rights
Kindness & Generosity
Schools & Education
Economic Empowerment
Environmental Sustainability
Leadership Development

Henrietta Sindy Adiko, Rita Siaw – Write Evolution

Write Evolution was initiated by Henrietta Sindy Adiko, an astute educator, in partnership with Feminine Star Africa in Ho West District of Volta, Ghana. The project seeks to address the inability of students in second cycle institutions to write creative stories as well as solving the problem of limited relatable reading materials in rural schools. The [...]


Sara Lonegard and Taylor Fairbank – Distribute Aid

Distribute Aid is a technology platform for refugee aid groups, started by Sara Lonegard and Taylor Fairbank. Their tools help grassroots refugee aid organizations collaborate and coordinate their efforts, with a focus on sending aid, sharing knowledge, managing volunteers, and increasing transparency. By building tools explicitly made to meet the needs of these organizations, they can [...]


SAGE – Eating to Live

Sistahs Aging Gracefully & Enthusiastically, SAGE, is a collective of senior, same gender loving African American women, 60-plus years or disabled. It was out of this group that Eating to Live. SAGE was founded in response to the barriers in accessing resources, information and care for same gender loving seniors, especially women. They are driven by [...]


Johanna Hoffman – Climate Stories

Climate Stories is an interactive community hub that cultivates grassroots support for climate adaptation planning. A multi-sensory exploration of what the world could be like in 200 years, the project serves as a collective space for processing concerns about our changing climate & creating more grassroots engagement in how we plan & prepare for our future. [...]


GLOT – Le Petit Prix (The Little Prize)

GLOT is an entrepreneur NGO that is inspired by the love of languages as a mean of social change. Found in Medellín, Colombia by Diana Suárez, Lina Restrepo, and other partners that have had the opportunity to learn several languages, it's their time to give back. Together they know that the word "gratitude" is a word [...]


Engage Globally – TREE: Teaching Reforestation and Environmental Education

TREE, Teaching Reforestation and Environmental Education, project is a collaboration between local community leaders and Engage Globally, founded by Heather Heckel, a longtime sustainability educator. TREE will empower youth, engage communities in reforestation, and provide environmental education opportunities in rural Northern Ghana. Early childhood education students, older youth in a scholarship program, and families will plant [...]


Tansi Godwill Tansi and Jitiz Louis – Empowering Poor Landless Farmers in Bana Village, Cameroon

Tansi Godwill Tansi is an environmental, climate, and sustainability activist passionate for a greener planet and the Founder/Executive Director of ECODAS-Cameroon, a registered non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to finding sustainable solutions to problems faced by the underprivileged rural and environmentally delicate communities in Cameroon. After working with grassroots communities in Cameroon for over 7 years, [...]


Environment and Food Foundation, E2F – Biodiversity Conservation in Lake Ossa, Cameroon

Biodiversity Conservation in Lake Ossa, Cameroon is a project aiming to build the capacity of indigenous farmers and conserving the lake and its surroundings. Due to human induced activities, such as deforestation, Lake Ossa is highly polluted. During the project the farmers will benefit from environmental education lectures and participate in the planting of native trees [...]


Eco Warriors for the Future – Eco-Youths for the Future in the Chomba Community Forest

Fontoh Desmond is the founder of Cepow Cameroon, an organization with the goal to build on the theory of change, through healthier/sustainable solutions on uprising environmental issues. Alongside his team, they believe that by training and empowering youth on forest conversation is one of the best ways to promote future sustainable forest management. This will permit [...]


Shy Ali, Stella Masamba – Permacultural Environment Management Project

The Permacultural Environment Management Project in Malawi is co-created by Shy Ali and Stella Masamba to address effects of climate change resulting from deforestation and other human activities impacting on environment in the rural communities of T/A Chigaru, Blantyre. Economically speaking, the community survives on farming and cutting down of trees for charcoal, thus leading to [...]

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