Lourdes Sanchez - Replacing Detention with Meditation in West Palm Beach
Our Grantees Are Awesome

From Atlanta to Nairobi, Bogota to Chennai, we fund startup projects in every corner of the globe. We are proud to offer Pollination Project seed grants to these individuals and grassroots groups who are making their communities and the world a better place for all.

David Oduor Mulo - Community Impact Program

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February 2020

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Our Latest Grant Recipients


Oluwatomisin Olowookere – EndFGMEsan

In Nigeria, 20 million women are survivors of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) out of which the Esan community contributes a large chunk. The practice is founded in traditional beliefs and societal pressure to conform. Female Genital Mutilation does irreparable harm, as I am a survivor. It often results in death through severe [...]


Smart Child Kenya – Dignity Shouldn’t Be Undermined

We are always ready to make a difference in people's lives. Smart Child Kenya is a Community Based Organization that empowers girls and women through promoting lifeskills that will enable them to live a justified and empowered life. We all know that good quality education is the only major avenue in which [...]


Alice Apejoye & Ogunfuye Samuel – WIT 21 Hub Holiday Camp

Growing up in an environment where children were denied their right to protection development, survival, and participation has inspired me. I have watched parents and teachers love their children, yet subject them to different forms of abuse. While individuals from high-income families are granted a quality education and access to skills that [...]

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