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Jenny Lowrey in Chico News & Review

newsreviewLocal heroes 2016, Let’s give thanks to those who help our community, November 2016

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“Every year, Chico News & Review devotes its Thanksgiving issue to Local Heroes, people who go above and beyond as volunteers for the causes that help our community. This year, we shine the spotlight on seven locals donating their time to teach at-risk communities how to grow their own food; counsel the dying and grieving; glean unused produce for the hungry; smooth over barriers to services for people on the street; preserve our historic places; and teach art to children in low-income families. Thank you and cheers to them all, and happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers.”

Read the whole article, Local heroes 2016, Let’s give thanks to those who help our community here.

Learn more about Jenny Lowrey ’s project, From the Ground Up Farms, here.

Jeff Kirchner in Now This News

now-thisLitterati, November 2016

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“This app is helping to clean the planet one piece of garbage at a time.”

Watch the whole video about the Litterati app here.

Learn more about Jeff Kirchner’s project, Litterati here.

Nicole Cardoza in Now This News

now-thisYoga Foster, November 2016

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“This program brings yoga to elementary schools and helps the children learn and focus.”

Watch the whole video, Yoga Foster here.

Learn more about Nicole Cardoza’s project, Yoga Foster, here.

Marc Ching on Our Hen House

ourhenhouseEpisode 357: Marc Ching of the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, and Ben Freedland of ZINK, November 2016

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“Mariann welcomes Marc Ching, founder of the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, whose mission, when it started out, was to rescue and rehabilitate severely abused animals in the Los Angeles area. Marc has recently expanded this mission to include documenting the cruelty and rescuing dogs from the dog meat trade in Asia, at great personal, financial, and emotional risk. His willingness to bear witness to the suffering of those who cannot speak for themselves is the reason he received one of the 2016 Lisa Shapiro Awards for Unsung Vegan Heroes from our good friends at The Pollination Project. You’ll be profoundly moved by his work to change the world for animals.”

Read the whole article, Episode 357: Marc Ching of the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, and Ben Freedland of ZINK here.

Learn more about Marc Ching’s project,  Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation here.

Natalie Kyriacou in Raspberry Magazine

rasberry-magazine1Raspberry interviews: Natalie Kyriacou of My Green World, November 2016

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“My raison d’etre is to forge new understandings of humanity’s relationship with nature. I believe in a world where compassion, collaboration and education overcome prejudice and cruelty. I feel that my purpose is to create spaces for people to share stories and engage with important issues; where people can learn from one another and collaborate to create a kinder and brighter world for all. My aim is to empower young Australians and global communities to follow their dreams and realise the incredible power that they have to make positive changes in the world.”

Read the whole article, Raspberry interviews: Natalie Kyriacou of My Green World here.

Learn more about Natalie Kyriacou’s project, My Green World, here.

Kate Franzman in Indianapolis’s No Mean City

no-mean-cityFighting for Bees, Kate Franzman’s quest, November 2016

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“When Kate Franzman starts to talk about bees, you can hear the buzz in her voice. It’s easy to imagine her animated hands wildly flinging about as she discusses her hives—of which she has several placed around the city—and the bee-friendly empire she’s helping to build in Indianapolis.”

“They’re just these magical little furry creatures,” Franzman, 31, said. “I like to sit outside and stare at them. I think I’m attracted to them because they’re beautiful, and so misunderstood. They’re fuzzy little fairies who do this amazing service for us, and in return we try to kill them.”

Read the whole article, Fighting for Bees, Kate Franzman’s quest here.

Learn more about Kate Franzman’s project, Bee Public, here.