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Seed Money Sprouts Change for Tiny NonProfits: CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning- March 23, 2014 The 40-year-old Nessel created a foundation he calls the Pollination Project. Instead of writing a big check to an established charity, he chooses someone just getting started to receive his daily thousand-dollar donation. "One of the challenges with the way philanthropy is currently being done is there's such a disconnect between the givers and those [...]

Drive the District, Pollination Project Seed Funds Good Causes

Check out this great article about our work in Drive the District. The Pollination Project, a nonprofit founded by a Dallas-based businessman, is enabling activists to be the change they want to see. “We really want to get behind people and be their cheerleaders,” said executive director Alissa Hauser. Here’s how it works: Pollination Project awards $1,000 micro-grants to fund [...]

The Daily Practice That Changed My Life, Huffington Post

Ari authored this inspiring Huffington Post piece about daily giving. About a year and a half ago I did something that some would say was outrageous. I made a pledge to give away $1K a day to an individual social change-maker, every day, for the rest of my life. This wasn't an easy thing to pledge -- it represented a [...]

Pollinate Good, Janine Francolini, Huffington Post

On the morning after Thanksgiving, I woke up to one email that erased all of the “Black Friday” messages that were bombarding my inbox. The profound words of truth and light from Ari Nessel, the founder of The Pollination Project embodied the authentic essence of our nation’s day of Giving Thanks. Ari’s message was written to his team of compassion activists in response [...]

Maya Shea Penn featured on the TED Blog

This 13-year-old entrepreneur is out to change the world: A Q&A with Maya Penn  Maya Penn is a tiny, vibrant force of nature. She’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, animator, blogger, writer and illustrator. She runs a budding eco-friendly fashion business and a nonprofit for environmental awareness, and her mind churns constantly with new creative projects. And we should probably mention — Maya [...]

Laura Lavigne’s Happiness Sprinkling Project on NBC Los Angeles

Laura Lavigne's project, the Happiness Sprinkling Project, has really gone viral!  Check out this coverage at NBC Los Angeles: "If you've ever sat at a stoplight -- and let's assume that you have, at least once or twice, if you're in possession of a driver's license -- and seen a furry, balloon-holding mascot promoting a local business or a group [...]

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