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Grantees in the News

Adereni Abiodun featured on CNN

How low tech is making a big impact on maternal deaths in Nigeria, December 2018 Go to article "When Abiodun Adereni learned that pregnant women in Nigeria were dying from a lack of proper health care at childbirth, he knew something had to be done. So he launched HelpMum, a Nigerian health service provider that tackles the problem by using low-cost innovations and the power of mobile technology." Read the whole article, How low tech is making a big impact on [...]

December 7th, 2018|

Carly Wilson featured in, Australia

The shocking damage balloons can do to marine life, November 2018 Go to article "We know the damage a plastic bag can do to a turtle. But check out how a broken balloon looks bobbing around in the ocean. While it’s fun for a child to grab a balloon at a shopping centre or play with them at birthday parties, they can be a danger to our marine life if they aren’t disposed of properly because they end up looking like jellyfish" Read [...]

November 26th, 2018|

Carly Wilson featured in ABC Australia

Rubber jellyfish vs sea turtles: who wins?, November 2018 Go to article "How does a helium balloon get from your hand to the digestive tract of a sea turtle? A new documentary explains how our celebrations are shutting the party down for marine life. Rubber Jellyfish examines the relationship between helium balloons and their impact on the world's oceans including six endangered species of sea turtles in waters around Australia." Read the whole article, Rubber jellyfish vs sea turtles: who wins? [...]

November 15th, 2018|

Stacy Bannerman featured on NBC 5

Medford woman returns Freedom Medal to former President Bush, November 2018 Go to article and watch the video "Former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush were honored with Liberty Medals at the 2018 Liberty Medal Ceremony this past Sunday in Philadelphia. But a Medford woman’s actions at the event made headlines after she denounced the former president and gave back a medal she received for her family’s service in the Iraq war." Read the whole article and watch the [...]

November 14th, 2018|

Denise Burry featured in TechSoup blog

Helping Vulnerable Young People Stay on Track, November 2018 Go to article "The world can be a hazardous place for youth who age out of foster care without the proper support behind them. In Florida, more than 3,000 teens face this reality, according to the state's Department of Children and Families. The statistics for this group are alarming... Lake County's Forward Paths Foundation seeks to address vulnerable young people's needs. Forward Paths provides temporary housing, job skills training, and both educational and financial [...]

November 13th, 2018|

Eric Omwanda Nehemiah featured in Daily Nation

How are you serving your community?, November 2018 Go to article "The idea to start a charitable organisation came to Eric Nehemiah, 27, while he was taking a walk in Mathare slums. It was 2012 and he was 20 years old. “I thought of the children I often came across in the slum, how many of them ended up dropping out of school due to lack of school fees or didn’t go to school at all and felt compelled to do [...]

November 9th, 2018|

Candice Elder featured on CBS San Francisco Bay Area

‘Feed The Hood’ Provides For East Bay Homeless, November 2018 Go to Article “This week’s Jefferson Award winner has made helping the homeless of the East Bay her mission. Candice Elder brings bagged lunches and hygiene kits containing items like toothpaste and toilet paper to East Oakland’s homeless encampments. Elder greets each homeless resident with a hug and well wishes. “ Read the whole article, ‘Feed The Hood’ Provides For East Bay Homeless, here Learn more about Candice Elder’s project, Take Back Our [...]

November 5th, 2018|

Maria Omare featured in the Bright Magazine

Meet The Woman Who's Transforming How Kenya Sees Disability, October 2018 Go to article "Maria Omare greets me warmly when we meet at Kibera Drive, one of the few major roads in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya that is home to an estimated 250,000 residents. “Welcome to Wakanda,” she jokes, referring to the fictional land in the film “Black Panther.”" Read the whole article, Meet The Woman Who's Transforming How Kenya Sees Disability here. Learn more about Maria Omare's project, [...]

October 25th, 2018|

Cheeraz Gormon featured in Time

Why TIME Devoted an Issue to Guns in America, October 2018 Go to article "In his 2015 book, the artist JR asks, “Can Art Change the World?” Artists see beyond walls, across divides, around corners. Through their eyes, we understand the world in new, clearer ways—which is why TIME since its founding has worked with great artists to create our covers, from Andy Warhol to Andrew Wyeth, Robert Rauschenberg to Ai Weiwei, Christo and Jeanne-Claude to Shepard Fairey. Fifty years ago, [...]

October 25th, 2018|

Carly Wilson featured in Adelaide Now, Australia

Rubber Jellyfish documentary charts the rise and fall of helium balloons — a marine menace, October 2018 Go to article "RELEASING helium balloons into the sky is an act of environmental vandalism that should be banned, says a local wildlife warrior ahead of a new documentary film screening. Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organisation founder and president Aaron Machado has personally attended to many marine animals suffering from ingesting a balloon, often with a plastic tie and string." Read the whole [...]

October 24th, 2018|