Live Generously

daily giving banksStudies show that generosity increases happiness.  There is true joy in authentically connecting with and helping another person.

But generosity isn’t always just about money- it can be about giving love, support, a listening ear, a meal, an act of kindness and connection, forgiveness.  It is a mindset.

Here at the Pollination Project, we practice generosity in many different ways. Our main vehicle for  generosity is through a daily giving practice where we give $1000 grants, every day, to inspiring social change activists around the world.  As of spring, 2014, thirty people have joined us as part of our daily giving community, each of them giving $1 or more per day, to support our grantees around the world.

live generouslyOthers have taken on their own daily giving practice, committing to give away some amount of money each day to people in their community and in their lives. Some save up money in a bank and then give the money away in larger amounts when they are called to do so.

We have a tendency to think that things belong to us. Yet, we are only here on this earth for a short period of time, and what we have will go away either forcibly or joyfully. This sense of non clinging is something that contributes to that feeling of happiness. There’s no guaranteed return on your investment. There’s a faith and fearlessness: you don’t know what you are going to get when you give. You don’t know what is going to manifest, yet in the not knowing, you gain faith. It is uncomfortable. And in this discomfort, we stretch and grow and find wellsprings of joy we didn’t even know existed.

Ariel Nessel, TPP Founder

The more I give, the more I feel like I have.
I finally understand that what I have is enough.

A Pollination Project Daily Giver

Could you commit to a practice that makes generosity your first instinct, every day?  

How could you use your money to connect to the goodness in the world?

To create your own daily giving practice, or join the Pollination Project’s daily giving community, click to learn more.