Lisa Shapiro: A True Vegan Hero

Lisa Shapiro

Lisa Shapiro, Unsung Vegan Hero Winner 2014

When Lisa Shapiro received the email that she had won an Unsung Vegan Hero award last fall, she was in shock. Her first reaction was, “If the definition of ‘Unsung Vegan Hero’ is that the recipient doesn’t think they deserve it, then I am perfect for it, because I really don’t deserve it. I don’t do that much!”

When Lisa then learned that her nomination was from none other than Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA, she was convinced it was a mistake, and that Ingrid must have meant a different Shapiro.

That was Lisa Shapiro in a nutshell: A humble, quiet powerhouse who spent nearly 3 decades building a network across the animal rights movement. An activist who launched one of the most robust vegan communities in the US- the Boulder Vegan Meetup– which now boasts almost 1000 members. A compassion warrior who dedicated her life to advocating for animals and building vegan brands. Yet Lisa never really expected to be acknowledged for any of this.

Not long after winning the Award, Lisa was diagnosed with cancer and, sadly, she passed away in June, 2015. Lisa was the best definition of “Unsung Vegan Hero” we know. This Award is our small way to honor Lisa’s huge legacy.


“Through her honesty, love and activism, Lisa has left a powerful legacy in her wake.  Though it is unlikely that we will ever see another Vegan Saint like her, we have all been blessed to be alive at the same time as Lisa Shapiro.  Thanks to Saint Lisa, the lives of all animals, human and non-human, have been made better. And there is no greater legacy than that.” – Seth Tibbott, Founder of Tofurky


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